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Daisy Lee is a sexy brunette who happens to have the astrological sign of Libra, which is representative of the scales of justice. You can tell she really does believe in equality for all because in porn movies she will fuck just about anything that moves or works at all. She stands about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 116 pounds which make her fairly slim and trim. Her body measurements are near perfect, with giant 38D tits, a 25-inch waist, and a 36-inch ass. She is pretty much every guy’s wet dream and she has a spunky personality that makes her even more so. She is a wild girl that shows through her tattoos, which include something tribal on her stomach, and two other tattoos on her middle finger and shoulder blade. She is an Eastern European chick who comes from a town in Hungary with a complex name, Gyomaendrod, but now she lives in Prague. On her Twitter account, you can see what she is up to, and you’ll notice whenever she changes her hair color. She often posts hot pictures when she is about to travel and she makes it a point to always show how much she adores her fans. Daisy is a sweetie and you can tell that just from what she posts online, and how much her fans love her back. You will be happy to watch any porn movie starring this Eastern chick because her strong desire to please really comes through!

Videos with Daisy Lee

30 December , 2016

As the VR Porn dream of yours is about to fade away The ball drops and now it’s time for some other balls to get some attention. The party is ending but these girls want to stay up late. They start by stripping out of their fine sparkly New Year’s Eve garments and stripping your pants off. Your cock is rock hard and stuffed with sexual energy just bursting to come out in order to celebrate the new year. Join  Gina Gerson, Isabella Chrystin, Alexis Crystal, Daisy Lee and Anna Swix take your pleasure this year as their personal mission to improve your outlook. They give you a handy and then start to suck you off before getting on top of you, taking turns nicely. They love to make you moan with their wet pussies. Happy New Years!

23 December , 2016

VR Porn is made to fulfill every fantasy you may have and Vrbangers will make it happen for you! Just lay back and relax as Santa makes all of your dreams come true. He brings you a present and suddenly a bunch of hot girls is in the room with you. Gina Gerson, Isabella Chrystin, Alexis Crystal, Daisy Lee and Anna Swix are the hotties who make your fantasy a reality. They first start by dancing around in their hot and revealing Santa outfits before they strip and suck your dick and hopping right on it to make you pop your own little bit of holiday cheer. If you’ve dreamed of fucking girls like this, now’s your chance!

My Messy Stepsister / Starring: Daisy Lee


14 February , 2017

Starring: Daisy Lee

You’ve always had a crush on your step sister Daisy Lee, but you never knew how to get her attention without making it look weird. Well, you just had an idea!! In this VR porn scene you’re lying naked in your step sisters bed covered in her clothes. You knew she will come in looking for her bra sooner or later so you put it on your penis. She’s finally in her room looking for it and guess what she finds when she lifts it up! Well hello, this is awkward right? She’s upset, but actually was thinking the same about you so she goes with the flow and gives you what you really wanted for a long time!!!