How to enjoy virtual reality porn?

What device are you using?

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Technical Questions

  • Are VR Bangers videos going to work on my Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream and Smartphones?

    Yes! VR Bangers videos are the industry standard and are currently supported for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream, any other VR headset you might know and pretty much all Smartphones!

  • Why is your HD and 4K video are almost identical in size?

    Our 4K videos are using H.265 video codec. Which is making files smaller in size, while preserving good quality. HD is using H.264 video codec and is actually 2880x1440 resolution. In the real world, it would be called QHD. We are just using the term HD for simplicity. This is why HD and 4K videos are almost identical in sizes.

  • How to play our videos on Playstation VR?

    We have a special page for it with very detailed info.

    Click here to find out how to watch videos on your PlayStation VR.

  • How do I watch your VR videos on GearVR?

    We have a special page for it with very detailed info.

    Click here to find out how to watch videos with GearVR.

  • How do I watch your VR videos on Daydream?

    There's an app from Google for local video yet, VRTV is a good rated up to use, please go to the "Play Store" And download it then install it.

    Step 1) Disable NFC on your Android Phone.
    In your Android Settings, disable NFC (found under "More" under Wireless & Networks). This will prevent the Daydream environment from launching after you put your device in your headset.

    Step 2)Download any vrbangers video.
    Download a video from vrbangers into your phone, make sure to remember the path of the download and don't rename the file.

    Step 3) Open the VRTV App
    Open your VRTV App and browse to the VR folder where the video is stored.

    Step 4) Adust settings and Play
    Set the "Screen" to Dome 180° or 360° (Depends on the video type ) set the "Video Type" to 3D SBS, "Projection" to Normal. , Make sure VR Player is selected for head tracking support, and click on the play button.

    Step 5) Center the orientation as much as you can and insert your device inside and enjoy the ride!


  • How do I watch your VR videos on Oculus Go?

    1. Install Skybox VR player from Oculus Library

    2.  Download Videos from using your PC or Mac.

    3. Connect your "Oculus Go" headset to a computer using the USB cable. Put the headset on your head to allow the computer to access files on "Oculus Go."

    4. You should be able to find "Oculus Go" internal storage in "Windows Explorer" or "Finder."

    5. Create a "VRB" folder to put your downloaded videos. Oculus Go can smoothly play 4K 180 videos and HD 360 videos.

    6. Launch Skybox VR Player on your Oculus Go and click on "VR Videos". You should be able to see all of your VR video files there.

  • How do I watch your VR videos on my Oculus Rift?

    We have a special page for it with very detailed info.

    Click here to find out how to watch videos on your Oculus Rift.

  • How can I use my smartphone and Google Cardboard with VR Bangers?

    Very simple.

    Just go to the video on our website and click play.

    Click on VR headset icon

    Rotate your phone horizontally and put your headset on and voilà! Start watching our videos.

  • Slow Download speed what to do?

    We have multiple servers around the world that are based in the USA, Europe and Asia. Internet bandwidth at each location is >10GBit/s. Theoretically, there should be no limit downloading our videos. Well, sometimes stuff happens.

    What to do?

    Send and email to support with your:
    - IP address
    - file you are downloading
    - time of download (including time zone)

    Then our support team will contact you as soon as possible with a solution.

    How to find my IP address: click here

  • How to play and stream the videos on iPhone and Android

    There are two options to watch our videos.

    The first option is downloading our videos through an app called FREEVRPLAYER

    Download App for Androids

    Download App for iPhone

    1. Start off by going to our website through your Smartphone and login into your account.
    2. Once logged in, choose the video you like from the video page and hover the mouse over the "Smartphone Button", choose the file that you want to download and press on it.
    3. The file will open on your Smartphone and you will see a link on the top.
    4. Copy that link.
    5. Now open your FREEVRPLAYER app and Press on the "Download Video" icon on the bottom left corner.
    6. Paste the link and press OK.
    7. Once downloaded, choose a Side-by-Side view and turn your Smartphone to landscape mode.


    The second option is streaming our videos through the website

    Our platform is ready for VR Streaming so you can easily stream our videos in VR mode using our built-in website platform.

  • I am unable to download VR videos my smartphone!

    Check if your smartphone has enough disk space. VR video files are very big and take up to 6 GB of disk space. If you have enough space and still unable to download our VR videos, please contact our support team

  • VR videos are freezing and jumpy!?

    Some older smartphones may experience problems playing in the highest resolution such as ULTRA HD videos. However, you can still play HD and HQ videos from our website.

  • Using Google Cardboard split screen won’t work?

    If you are using FreeVR Player app to watch videos to activate split screen you need to click on "cardboard" icon.

    If you are streaming our videos from the website, then you need to click "ENTER VR" button to activate split screen.

    If you are using FreeVR Player app to watch videos to activate split screen you need to click on "cardboard" icon.

    If you are streaming our videos from the website, then you need to click "ENTER VR" button to activate split screen.

General Questions

  • Is your service 100% Discreet?

    Yes, our service is 100% discreet without any adult references on your credit card. It will show "EPOCH.COM *vrb" on your credit card statement.

  • Using Google Cardboard for VR Bangers

    Cardboard is Google’s own virtual reality program. It's designed to work with your smartphone as an low cost alternative to traditionally expensive VR headsets. It’s an appealing option to those who want to experience VR porn without spending a lot of money.

  • Is a VR headset required to watch the videos on the site?

    A headset isn’t required, but is definitely recommended. Otherwise, you’ll just need your smartphone to activate the motion tracking feature. This feature is one of the stars of a VR experience and is completely necessary! Any of our videos can be streamed without a VR device in perfect looking HD quality and 360 degrees screen rotation. To give you even more, we have 2D videos included in memberships as well. Don’t forget that you can get a free headset with your membership!

  • What type of equipment or set up is needed to watch on VR Bangers?

    It’s pretty simple! You’ll just need a membership to our site and a virtual reality headset. Our different membership levels allow you to pick the plan and headset piece that works best for you. We know you’re eager to start VR watching right away, so some of our memberships include a completely FREE Cardboard or well designed Deluxe plastic headset so you can dive right in. Should you have your own VR headset, it’s most likely supported by our site. We are also proud to offer support to Oculus Rift, PSVR, HTC Vive, Gear VR and pretty much every Smartphone.

  • What is this site, VR Bangers?

    We are a trusted virtual reality porn site for adults only. works with top producers to bring you exclusive VR porn videos that will have you be in the middle of all the action in each scene. You may think porn is great now, but you’ll never go back to traditional porn videos once you’ve tried a VR porn video from

  • What is Virtual Reality and what are VR porn videos?

    Virtual Reality is one of the newest and hottest ways to watch videos. You get to immerse yourself in an experience that is even better than 3D films you may have had the chance to watch in the past. VR videos are 3D computer crafted pieces of material that you can not only explore, but also interact with. Don’t just watch anymore, be a part of the action!

  • Are the VR videos shaky?

    Our Virtual Reality videos are non-shaky, we do not move while we film in order to reduce any motion sickness for the viewer.

  • Can I watch without Internet?

    To download our videos for the first time, you will still need internet. Once you have downloaded our videos onto your computer or smartphone, you can watch them without using the internet.

  • Do you ship your VR headsets internationally?

    Yes, we can ship your headset internationally but there will be an additional charge of $15 if you go through the membership process and $25 if you purchase the headset on our shop page.

  • You haven’t listed my device here. How do I know if it is supported?

    The videos on our site are in industry standard video files designed for VR. Therefore, if your device has a virtual reality video playing application, you shouldn’t have a problem. We’re also happy to help as needed and you can reach out at

  • How do I become your affiliate and start making money?

    In order to start making money with us, please visit our affiliate page and sign up. You will need to fill out all the information in order to obtain our affiliate links and promotional content.

    Please visit

  • Password has not arrived?

    Your password might have gone to your spam folder, if it’s not there then you should receive it soon! It might take sometime due to overloaded servers.

  • I forgot my login details

    You can retrieve your login details by clicking FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? on the VRbangers login page

Billing Questions