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This is hands down the best VR video I've ever watched in my entire life. THAT. WAS. AMAZING! It literally looked really real, the 3d, the quality, the scale, the close ups. Keep it up!!! She's hella pretty and body is perfect.
Great site! More Silvia Dellai and Rihanna Samuel please, preferably sex with a man. Would love if you could get Krystal Boyd (Anjelica). The close up scenes are the best it really makes it seem like you're in the room. Keep up the good work!
I love that you guys seem to genuinely care about the quality of your videos, both content-wise and from a technical perspective. Plus it's utterly awesome that you take fan requests into consideration. Keep it up!
This was one of VR Bangers best scenes in recent history. There is no sex, but it's still 20 minutes of pure bliss. Tit jobs in all sorts of positions (on the sofa, on the ground, etc), and fantastic teasing and closeups for those that like that. Picture clarity and scale were great and wow did Katerina's breasts just look like perfection in 3D. The scene was fantastic, and I hope they bring her back for a hardcore scene too! Great job VRB
I joined VR Bangers only to see these two scenes. Merry XXXmas and Naughty New Year pt 1 & 2. I didn't have much interest in other scenes (although I do have to check them out since I paid $20 for this and Sauna scene seems to have potential). How was the "Merry XXXmas and Naughty New Year"? Great. Alexis Crystal steals the show. SHE IS AMAZING! I wish we will see more of her. Gina Gerson was also incredibly cute and I liked her a lot too.
Glad I subbed again after so long. The Halloween New Vid Per Day week is a good buy, and I like how your vids have improved. Both 360 and 180 options in 4k, without black bordering. Looking forward to Elsa and more Vanessa Decker.
I subbed to your site for this scene and it was worth every penny. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST VR SCENE EVER SHOT. The girls are hot, the angles are spot on, it is seamless, clear, and HOT. I just wished ALL the girls has sex and not just two. BUT WELL DONE. I sure hope you plan more scenes like this with multiple girls in a very REAL situation. Thank you!
Wow, what a time to be alive. Sweet, It feels like the best dream a guy could think of, Seriously, I can't remember when I had such a genuine smile on my face. Thank you VR Bangers, been waiting for this one to drop for a while now. Other producers need to take note: This is how you make a great VR video. Big natural tits, with plenty of closeups.