Aizawa Haruka VR

Aizawa Haruka VR Pornstar
Birthday: July 30
Measurements: 37-23-35
Height: 160
Weight: 53
Shoe Size: 6.5
Tatoos: None
Piercings: None
Country of origin: Japan
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Ethnicity: Japanese
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Career Status: Active

VR Porn videos with Aizawa Haruka

access_time 00:26:19
Starring: Aizawa Haruka
access_time 00:14:46
Starring: Aizawa Haruka
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access_time 00:27:17
Starring: Aizawa Haruka

Aizawa Haruka's Biography

Aizawa Haruka is a Japanese VR Porn actress, named exactly the same as the famous manga author and illustrator - that's why she can be easily confused with the other Haruka. Compared to other Asian performers, she's rather a distinctive one, when most of her colleagues are cute and innocent looking - it makes her perfect for MILF, mother and son, teacher and wife fantasy VR Porn movies. She may be a little older than most of the Japanese actresses, but in this case, she's just like drink - the older the better. Her big breasts look best in some sexy lace lingerie - thankfully, she's wearing such clothes quite often in her VR Porn films, so we can watch her boobs exposed in such a way a lot. Most of the men wish they had a wife as sexy and attractive like her waiting for them in their beds every night in the real life - fortunately, there's a VR Bangers' high quality VR Porn, so you can "become her husband" every time you put your VR headset on. She loves working with the younger performers of both sexes, becoming some kind of a sex teacher, what her fans admire and love to watch. When performing in a threesome video, she's usually a leading person, no matter if she's being fucked by two guys or if she's sharing a dick with some other sexy Asian girl. It distinguishes her from the crowd of oriental pussies since most of such vixens are rather shy and they let their co-performers to lead them in the sexual intercourses. Sometimes, you can even observe her dominant nature, when she's persuading her partner to lick her pussy and play with her boobs according to her will- since she's rather a juicy and wet slut, such situations can get really dirty and moist.