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Alexia Anders is an Asian VR porn cutie who has just been invited to star in our VR porn movies - and even though she indeed is a virtual reality sex rookie (and a beginner in the adult industry in general), we believed that she was worth giving a shot and... we were right! She is so cute, beautiful, and talented that we are more than sure that she will achieve success in the VR porn industry - and since we were one of the first professional producers who decided to work with her, we are certain that she will never forget VR Bangers and that one day she will come back to us - when she will already be a big star of virtual reality sex - for yet another shooting! Just look at her and pay attention to that pretty face and fresh, young, and petite body that she owns, and you will in no time understand why we had such high hopes for her. Combine that with her newly discovered sexual talents and skills and, boom, you are now looking at a future queen of the porn business - and a shining star of VR porn biz that comes from the new generation of virtual reality sex miracle-makers! How come she is so beautiful? Well, it turns out that she is an amazing mixture of two cultures - Alexia Anders being half Filipino and half Salvadorian combines the best features of both of these worlds and creates a goddess of VR porn with the use of all these genes. You do not believe us? Then wear your VR goggles and watch her on your own in the quality going as high as 8K ultra-high-definition - just remember about everything that we have just told you about her and come back later to prove us right!

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