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Meet the Canadian queen of cosplay VR porn videos - since Emma Hix is equally good at fucking and being an actress in general, her performing in 6K UHD VR porn films of all sorts and levels of advancement is always flawless and extremely mesmerizing! It is actually pretty hard to determine the age of this professional VR porn star just by judging by her looks - truth is that she is younger than you might expect, but her high class and omnipresent sophistication can make you feel like dealing with an older performer, which is great if you are a real VR porn connoisseur. Even though most of the actresses usually change their hair color from time to time, somewhat Emma likes to stay with being blonde - unless, of course, her role in one of fantastic VR porn parodies or cosplays requires her to turn into a slutty redhead or a kinky brunette! She has that incredibly tasty, petite body, which looks both amazingly sexy on the photos and inside of videos - and now when she can be watched in full 6K or 4K ultra high definition and in 3D 360 degrees, all these assets can be observed and appreciated more than ever. You have never heard about her in the past? What a shame, sir! Sure, there could be some more popular VR porn stars in the business, but Emma is equally (or maybe even more) good to even the biggest fames and VR porn whores, so you should definitely pay a visit to some of her VR porn scenes recorded together with Virtual Reality Bangers - and doing that will most likely turn you into one of her devoted fans in no time! Wear your VR goggles and follow these wise words of advice on VRBangers.com - Mrs. Hix, her feminine shapes, ideal boobs and bubble butt are waiting for you already!

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