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Jenifer Jane is cute, you have to admit that. She is a Czech VR porn MILF who has an incredibly huge and healthy distance from what she does in the business - and a sense of humor that will make you fall in love with her in no time. She is 28 years old but she already calls herself a MILF (with a sad face in the end - we are not kidding, this is exactly how she filled her VR Bangers' questionnaire), although we think that her body is still quite cute and fresh and that she could compete (and win) with a whole lot teen VR porn stars. She is in the adult industry for 4 years now and she says that VR porn gives a lot of experiences that are different because usually, you do not have such face contact with your partner as you do when shooting VR porn scenes. She positions herself somewhere between romantic and hard VR porn experiences - her favorite sexual position is missionary while she still likes to perform with other girls in threesome VR porn gangbangs (even though she is not bisexual). She loves herself for her own eyes and smile - and we have to admit that there is a whole lot to love, as we have fallen with these features of her as well. She dreams of a hardcore VR porn group-fucking session with two guys banging her simultaneously - perhaps one day VR Bangers are going to give her that on behalf of our 3D VR porn videos. She is a brunette who thinks that her big ass is one of her best features - wear your VR goggles and check whether you agree with her, here, at, and in up to 8K ultra-high definition 3D VR!

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