Comparison of Standalone VR Headsets Best for VR Porn!

February 18, 2018

There’s a lot of VR headsets on the market and it’s really hard to choose which one of them is the best for watching VR porn movies. Since VR Bangers offer support to almost every VR visor available out there, you’re the one making the choice and it’s basically up to you what piece of...

Get Serviced Like Never Before by Ella Nova

February 17, 2018

Visits at the hairdresser’s can get very boring and somehow intimidating, especially when it is your wife or girlfriend visiting, and all you have to do is wait until she’s done with her new hair – not to mention that she’ll expect you to like and compliment her new style, which sometimes might be the...

VR Technology in Porn Movies – How Did That Happen?

February 12, 2018

Since you are here, we are sure that you love watching VR porn movies and they’ve already become an important part of your life – you wouldn’t have been a VR Bangers’ fan if this sentence wasn’t true, and that’s what is making it self-explanatory. Every time when you put your VR headset on your...