A Quick Show From Silvia Dellai

Since you kind of got bored of watching regular porn, you decided to look for something much better, for something that will make you feel like the real deal. Eventually, you discovered the amazing world of virtual reality pornography. In the beginning it seemed sort of strange, however, you slowly developed a really big addiction.

As time passed by, you slowly started to ignore your girlfriend, and that is when Silvia Dellai, you girlfriend decided to take the matters into her own hands and bring you back to reality.

While you were enjoying some of your new favorite VR sex videos, she decided to sit on the couch opposite to you. She was wearing a black blouse filled with pink flowers, and a skirt that made her legs look incredibly sexy.

She lift her skirt up a bit in order to reveal the sexy tattoo on her thigh while sucking on her finger. When she lifted the skirt even more, you could notice that Silvia is not wearing any panties. That immediately got your attention, so you decided to keep watching.

Silvia turned around, she unzipped her skirt and slid it down slowly while looking at you. When you could see her juicy ass, she decided to bend over and slap it a couple of times since she knows that you are into that.

You decided to stop watching your VR porn videos by dedicating Silvia all of your attention. When she noticed that you are completely devoted to her show, she decided to take off her shirt as well.

As you look at her incredible natural tits, you will also notice that Silvia is now completely naked, right in front of your eyes. You enjoy watching her doing some sexy poses, but at one moment while she is bending over and spreading her ass cheeks, you will notice that she began to touch herself.

Since Silvia is posing while in a good mood, you took out your phone so you could take some picture of your hot girlfriend. Silvia noticed that you are truly giving her all of your attention, so she closed down your laptop and she laid down on the bed.

Now that you are looking only at Silvia, she will start masturbating in front of you while laying down on the couch. First, she will begin her masturbation by using her fingers only.

Once her pussy gets wet enough, she will take a big purple vibrator. Silvia will start plunging her love tunnel with it. The deeper the toy goes inside her pussy, the more you will hear her moan, it is truly a glorious sight to behold.

During her little show, Silvia will go through many different positions. Sometimes she will even put the sex toy into her mouth so she can lick off all of her tasty juices.

At one point, you will see her penetrating herself at high speed which will cause her to scream out loud all the way until she has a fascinating orgasm.

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