A warm welcum home from Abella Danger!

In today’s world, jobs can take many forms – from working remotely or in shift systems, to continuous business trips and delegations, or even working in another city. If you work away from home or often have to leave, your relationship can suffer when you are never home and most of the time you two can only fantasize about having sex with each other. Apparently, longing is good for relationships, but we all know that when there’s too much of it, then it has more negative impact. On the other hand, after a long separation, there is nothing better than meeting your beloved after such a long break – if she’s really waited patiently all that time for you, she was only getting more and more horny for your cock!

Your girlfriend, Abella Danger, fortunately is faithful to you and she’s been counting down to your return from the business trip. You too can’t wait until you finally come back home and meet this hot VR Porn star face to face, but what you don’t know is that she’s prepared something special for this occasion, since she’s been longing for her man so much.

You get off the plane, jump into the cab, ride to the house, and… there she is: Abella opens the doors for you dressed in a lace lingerie, with sexy makeup and a wide smile on her face. The girl throws herself into your arms, kisses you and hugs with you, and when the first emotions fall, it’s time to say hello in a “proper way”. Abella grabs your hand and leads you up the stairs to your bedroom – you know what you can expect, but you have no idea what she’s really prepared for you.

The girl immediately goes to the thing, throwing you on the bed and arranging you a small striptease show. You’re watching her as another parts of her underwear are being dropped on the ground, and the cock in your pants is getting harder and harder every minute. When Abella is fully naked, she kneels before you, unzips your pants and takes your swollen dong into her mouth. After a while, she puts your hand on the back of her head, as if she wanted to tell you that today you can do whatever you want, so you can push her into your schlong as deep as desired – which you do, of course, since the deeper it is, the better it feels.

Then the girl jumps on you and starts riding you in a cowgirl position, and her pussy seems to be even tighter after all this time of your absence, so you already know that you will not be able to hold yourself back for a long time. And so it happens – when the narrow pussy of your beloved tightens on your prick, and her swollen breasts dance in front of your eyes, you cums into the sweet Abella’s clam, draining your balls to the very end.

Now, after that evening, you are sure that your girlfriend is faithful to you and that her pussy belongs only to you – though not entirely, because every fan of this Virtual Reality Porn star also has some minor rights to it. Am I right, boys?

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