Abby Lee Brazil Loves Bathing with Rose Petals

You had a really long day at work, and as you returned home, you thought to yourself “I could really use a hot bath right now. That is the exact thing that would relax me after a hard day“.

As you entered the bathroom, you could see you girlfriend Abby Lee Brazil enjoying herself in a bath full of roses. Even if you wanted to relax by taking a hot bath, seeing your girlfriend completely naked with such a romantic atmosphere was definitely a much better experience.

“Hey honey, I decided to take a quick bath, and I thought to make things better by adding some rose petals,” says Abby while being playful with the water she is laying in.

You decided to stick around to watch her for a while, and since she noticed that you are going to do that, Abby also decided to put on a little show for you.

While you are watching her, Abby is going to fondle her big tits, and she is also going to pour water over herself. She is also going to raise her legs in the air, allowing you to take a quick look at her naked pussy.

Then she will take the shower, and she will wash the rose petals off of her. When she is all nice and clean, her real performance is about to begin.

Your hot girlfriend is going to sit on the edge of the bathtub, and she is going to brace herself on the edges with her legs, keeping them nicely spread. As she gives you the perfect view of both her pussy and her nice round tits, you are about to see her pleasure herself in front of you.

She is going to begin slowly by rubbing her clit until her pussy starts oozing with juices. When she starts to get a little bit wet, Abby will slowly stick one of her fingers inside her love tunnel.

Plunging her pussy definitely feels fantastic, and you can tell that by looking at her facial expressions. Moments later, her pussy will get wet enough for her to penetrate her tunnel however she pleases, and that is when she will take two of her fingers and start drilling herself.

During the time she is penetrating her juicy pussy, Abby will play with her tits using her other hand. As she moans during her solo masturbating session, she will start to play with her nipples as well.

Eventually, she will begin to moan louder and more often as she is getting close to an amazing orgasm. The moment this hottie came, you will be able to see her body twitch as her fingers rapidly go over her clit.

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