Abby Lee Brazil Saves Your Job

While you were relaxing in the living room with your girlfriend Abby Lee Brazil, you suddenly hear the doorbell. You tell your girlfriend to get the door, and when she opened it, to your surprise, it was your boss, who was very frustrated with you.

Bother to show up to work lately, you have a job you know? Well, not anymore, you are fired.” while standing in the middle of the room.

Your girlfriend then came into your defense, asking you not to fire you by going down on her knees and telling him “I will do anything, please do not fire him, we just got this house“.

After looking around, your boss then discretely takes out his cock, points it towards Abby, and says “Well, why don’t you put your mouth on it“.

In this moment, you felt completely powerless, since you can see that your girlfriend really wants you to keep the job. If you even make a sound, the boss might get upset, and still fire you.

You can see him fuck her face while making sounds of her throat being penetrated by his big shaft. As she is sucking him off, your boss will start taking off his clothes, implying that she will have to give him more than just a blowjob if you want to keep working for him.

I want you to watch me as I lick your girlfriend’s pussy,” he tells you as he throws your girlfriend on the couch next to you. He starts to take off her clothes, and soon you realize that you are enjoying it a little.

So good mmmm” your girlfriend moans out loud while your boss uses his tongue to pleasure her clitoris. Soon, your girlfriend spreads her legs, so his tongue can now penetrate her hole.

While he is providing her with some oral pleasure, you see him jacking off his cock, but that did not last for long because soon you see him stand up as he prepares to plunge Abby’s tight pussy.

When he started penetrating her, he did it without mercy by immediately thrusting as fast and as hard as he can. “So good,” your girlfriend says again, but then she looks at you and says “I can not forget about you baby”.

Abby then turns into the doggy position, she lets your boss penetrate her hard, but she also unzips your pants and starts sucking on your completely erect cock.

Your girlfriend has a really tight pussy,” your boss tells you while drilling her in doggy while spanking her delicious ass from time to time.

Your boss was feeling great now, so he let your girlfriend pleasure you for a while too by riding you in the cowgirl position. But that did not last for long since your boss really wanted to cum, so he asked her to come back to the doggy position.

He continued slamming her hard until he was about to cum, and he finished all over her back.

I better see you at work on Monday” your boss says, before leaving you alone with your girlfriend so you can cum over her face.

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