Abella Danger caught red-handed!

date_range October 13, 2017
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Abella Danger caught red-handed!

We all know that school sometimes can be hard - lessons, extracurricular activities, PE, mean teachers who will do everything to turn our lives into hell and no time to watch VR Porn between lessons! After such a hard day, there is nothing better than a hot bath in a luxurious tub. However, when there is no one at home and you're naked in the bath, there are different ideas coming to mind...

Abella Danger after one of those hard times in school, decided to take a hot bath and relax to improve her mood in that shitty day. However, when she gets back home, it turns out that no one is there, and that Abella has the whole house just for herself.

After a few relaxing moments in hot water, the girl, initially with boredom, begins to play with her young pussy. She knows perfectly well that no one will hear her moans of pleasure, so when things get faster, the girl's caresses can be heard in the whole house. Abella is touching herself even more courageously every second, making even more noises, having no idea that her innocent play will soon be broken unexpectedly.

Abe's stepmother, Syren De Mer, had tennis lessons that day and came back home just now. Tired of the heavy workout, she also decided to take a hot bath, but what appeared to her after entering the bathroom surprised her in the most unexpected way.

The sight of the young girl masturbate immediately turned Syren in the sexy mood. Watching Abella playing with herself was making Syren increasingly fond of sex, so eventually she decided to join her and offered a "play" together.

Abella initially did not want to agree to such a thing, because she knew perfectly well that it is not right and if only the father finds out... The girl says to her stepmother: "We can't do that. I know that I shouldn't do such thing in your bathroom, but please understand that my father will kill us if he finds out." The stepmother responded, her with confidence in her voice: "And what if he will not find out..."

Abella accepts her stepmother proposition after a while, being interested of necking skills of an experienced woman - indeed there aren't many other MILFs like Syren De Mer in the VR Porn world. Girls begin to play with each other, touching their wet pussies and playing with their fingers, initially innocently, but with time becoming more and more predatory.

Shortly after, their seemingly harmless playing transforms into a real, lesbian, intergenerational orgy in which young Abella benefits from the experience and knowledge of the older, and Syren satisfies her unfulfilled desires through the body of a young vixen.

The girls play with each other until both of them achieve pleasure and fulfillment, and wet juices from their pussies are flowing on their throbbing thighs. Abella reminds Syren that what they were doing today must remain a secret, and girls are both going in their ways.

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