Abigail Mac Wants Some of The Luck of the Irish!

Have you seen our latest announcement about the special promo for the St. Patrick’s Day? If you read our blog about it, you clearly must have noticed that we mentioned the incoming VR porn movie for this occasion – and here it is: The Luck of The Irish with Abigail Mac is finally here!

Only few days ago we told you that just like the last year, we simply could not miss the opportunity for shooting a new VR porn scene for the St. Paddy’s – in the following blog we are about to tell you what is going on inside of this newest 6K UHD VR porn fantasy.

Imagine the situation that you have been invited for the St. Patrick’s Day party and you are heading to the place when hoping to drink some green booze and have some fun with your friends and colleagues. But when you arrive to the place, it turns out that even though it is past the starting hours of the celebration, you are there on your own completely – oh wait, that girl who invited you, Abigail, is there with you, too…

Sounds creepy? Relax! Inside of this latest VR porn movie of ours, after entering to the immersive virtual reality by wearing your VR headset, you will transform into an Irish guy with an enormous cock – and since our Abigail is a really superstitious person, she’s hatched the plot and invited you over to steal some of your luck. How is she going to do that? Well, clearly by fucking your brains out!

Does it make sense now that you are here all alone with her…? The bitch was hungry for your dick and she had it all planned! Let her get some of that precious Irish cum out of your rod and wear your VR goggles to enjoy this private party with the beautiful VR porn star. And above all, please do remember: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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