According to HTC “VR Is Doing Better Than Ever!”

Many people say that virtual reality technology has not had a good run lately. Microsoft has abandoned plans to release VR goggles to Xbox One, and according to a June hardware survey conducted by Steam, owners of such devices account for only 0.72% of all players having an account on this platform. Additionally, an analysis of sales trends on the Amazon website appeared a few weeks ago, which was also not very optimistic. On the other hand, from our point of view, the VR porn market is doing pretty good so we are not sure what is the fuss about. Thankfully there is a one more huge company that agrees with us – according to HTC: virtual reality is doing better than ever!

The HTC group is reassuring that the rumors of VR death are exaggerated. It turns out that the recent sharp decline in the sales of devices from this corporation is due to the fact that players bought the majority of released copies of the basic version of HTC Vive, and as a result, there were serious problems with their availability. The company announced that they have just increased production, so these problems should soon become a thing of the past. We certainly see that trend on our site, too, as it seems that HTC Vive VR goggles are the most favorite choice of the fans of our virtual reality porn films.

The company has stricly stressed that this year HTC Vive is selling faster than ever before. The firm is not trying to pretend that VR enjoys enormous popularity. Instead, the growth is slow but stable and there is a growing interest in virtual reality technology, both among consumers and business applications – including the innovative market of VR porn videos. Additionally, more expensive devices are starting to get even more spectacular, while cheap, but much simpler like Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR visors are losing attractiveness in the eyes of potential customers. In other words, the revolution is still far away, but the segment is heading in the right direction.

We have also gotten to some really interesting data from the analytical company called the International Data Corporation (IDC). According to them (which is visible on two pictures above), HTC Vive is a market leader for sure – at least in terms of revenues – both in USA and China. HTC Vive Focus goggles have gained 33.1% of the Chinese market, and the second most popular product of this type, Pico (mentioned by us over here, for example), is active on the HTC’s Vive Wave platform. On the other hand, we have told you recently that Oculus Rift is catching up – and that the Windows Mixed Reality VR goggles are getting some space for themselves for both VR games and VR porn films. But is that all really matter? All these numbers only prove that virtual reality market is doing really good and that is pretty much all VR Bangers care about!

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