Afternoon Surprise From Lucy Shine

While you were waiting for your girlfriend, Lucy Shine, you somehow managed to fall asleep. However, when you woke up to the sounds of high heels hitting the wooden floor in the living room, a glorious sight was in front of your eyes.

Your incredibly sexy blonde girlfriend, put on a very seductive outfit, that no man could ever resist. She was wearing matching lingerie, some black stockings, and a pair of red high heels.

She noticed that you were surprised to see her in such a sexy outfit, so she kneeled down and she brushed your crotch with one of her hands before doing some sexy posing in order to get your dick up.

Lucy did a couple of turns, she spanked her ass, and then she grabbed an orange chair that was nearby. Since she is a really naughty girl, you know that her teasing skills are beyond your imagination.

Using the chair, she managed to bend in some sexy ways, making her ass stand out perfectly, which gave you a rock solid boner. However, even if she noticed that you got hard, Lucy continued to tease you some more.

She sat down on the chair, and she spread her legs. Then, she decided to play with her boobies by fondling them over the bra, and eventually, she went down to her pussy and moved the panties to the side so she can start playing with herself.

Even if she likes to tease you, she didn’t really want to do it for too long, because ultimately, she wants the same action as you do.

After Lucy takes off her bra, you will be able to see her big natural tits, and you will definitely enjoy looking at them while she massages them with her hands.

Once she removes the panties as well, she will get down on her knees. Lucy then takes your cock and starts stroking it for a while before putting it into her mouth.

From time to time, while she is giving you a blowjob, she will get down to your ballsack and put it in the mouth as well.

When your cock is nicely drenched from her saliva, Lucy will hop on top of you and start riding you in the cowgirl position. First, only the tip of your cock will get inside her, but eventually, her pussy will be able to take your whole completely erect shaft.

Riding you in reverse cowgirl and standard cowgirl is quite tiring for her, so at one point she is going to tell you to get off the couch you were sitting on.

Then she will lay down, spread her legs, and wait for you to start plunging her pussy with your tool. While you penetrate her in this position, you will already be close to cumming. After you give your all in your final plunges, you take out your cock, telling her to get down on her knees.

She listens to your command and rushes to kneel in front of you, so she can catch all of the juices that are coming out of your cock with her face.

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