Alex Black, Rihanna Samuel, Silvia Dellai, Sweet Cat and Kattie Gold Can’t Get Enough of Your Dick

Because you had a day off from work, you decided to take a nice day where you can relax so you went to the best spa in your town. After you took a nice swim, a bunch of incredible babes showed up out of nowhere.

You were the only guy there, and because they are professional cheerleaders, they haven’t really had time to be with a guy in a really long time since their coach is really strict. As time passed by, these beautiful girls checked you out more and more, trying to get your attention in some sort of way.

Eventually, one of the girls took off the top part of her swimsuit and threw it at you, and all other girls followed her actions immediately. After that, all of the girls got out of the pool and they surrounded you in mere seconds.

As soon as they noticed that you have developed a raging boner, they stripped down your swimsuit and started to please your cock with their luscious lips. Sometimes they took turns and did it one by one, but sometimes multiple hotties would lash their tongues on your shaft at the same time.

The girls continued sucking your shaft until it was nice and moist, and when they achieved what they worked for, one of them got right on top of you and started to ride you in the cowgirl position. When the other girls noticed that she was having an amazing time, they decided to go for a ride as well, so you penetrated all of them in either standard or reverse cowgirl positions.

After all of them had their turn, these girls simply did not have enough of you as they wanted you to deliver your hot cum into their mouths. That is when they decided to prolong the lovemaking session by fingering each other right in front of your eyes.

Some of the girls would masturbate on their own besides you while the other ones would take turns to get into the sixty-nine position where they suck your schlong while other girls fingerbanged them.

Later on, these incredible cheerleaders decided to take another ride on your pecker. However, since all of the girls were wetter than before, the penetration was much smoother and deeper than before which was an incredible experience.

Every time a girl would get off of you, the other ones would lick off the juices that were left on your cock and on her pussy lips.

They continued with this routine until you were ready to cum, and they knew you were ready once your staff began to pulsate like it is going to blow. When that moment came, all of the girls got down on their knees and waited for your cum like it is the gift from gods.

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