Alexa Grace and Brandi Love Team Up to Make You Cum

While you are watching some VR porn, your girlfriend Alexa Grace will walk in on you. “Oh my god, you are watching VR porn again? I cannot believe this…” says Alexa as she walks towards you.

She then takes the VR gear and puts it on her head. “Ok, let me see what this is all about, do all the girls here have big tits or something?” she asks you as the VR porn starts playing.

After a couple of seconds, you will see that she is slowly getting into it, then suddenly, she will sit between her legs and spread her own. “I want you to touch me,” she says while still enjoying some VR porn.

While your girlfriend is enjoying herself, you will see your stepmom Brandi Love coming from behind, showing you to be quiet. As she sits behind Alexa, Brandi will place her hand on her pussy and start massaging her.

“Oh my god, you never did it so well before,” says Alexa before she takes off the VR gear. Surprised to see your stepmom, Alexa asks you “What is going on? Are you ok with this”?

Brandi will then take her hand and put it on your crotch, implying that they should help you out with it. Your stepmom will then help Alexa get out of her clothes before she strips down into her red lingerie.

After that, these hot blondes will take out your cock and start sucking you off. They will both take turns in deepthroating your pecker until it becomes completely covered in their saliva.

Once your cock is nice and slippery, Alexa will start riding you in the reverse cowgirl position while you are holding her big juicy ass. “Your cock feels so good in this position,” says Alexa while moaning loudly as your pecker goes deep inside of her.

When Alexa had enough of your cock, your stepmom Brandi got on top of you in the standard cowgirl position. While she’s riding your cock, Alexa will help her get rid of her bra before she starts to rub her clit while you are drilling her pussy.

At the time your stepmom has enough of your cock, Alexa will have her turn. This time she will ride you in the regular cowgirl position while your stepmom massages her pussy, and once she has enough, your stepmom will ride you in the reverse cowgirl like Alexa did before.

Now that you fucked both of them in regular and reverse cowgirl positions, it is that time that these hot blondes make you cum. They will stroke you off while both of them suck you off are sucking on your pole as well all the way until you shoot out your load.

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