Alexa Grace knows that sharing is caring!

There is nothing worse than a friend of your girlfriend who does not like you – even if your girl loves you so much, when her stupid bitch-friend will talk shit about you, sooner or later it will discourage her to you or, at best, she will listen to some bullshit about women equality and she will start to avoid giving you blowjobs or anal. Fortunately, not all friends are like this – VR Porn friendships can be very beneficial!

Alexa Grace, your sweet blond girl, doesn’t have too many friends, but the ones she trusts are in a very close relations with her – it turns out that it’s closer than you would expect in your wildest expectations!

Usually, when someone comes to visit Alexa, you are not home, because you do not want to participate in the female talk and prefer to spend time with your mates – this time however, the visit was unexpected and you involuntarily became a member of this meeting. However, it turns out that you were lucky to be home today…

Today’s guest is Maya Bijou, Alexa’s longtime friend, whom you know for years. Girls didn’t see each other for a long time so they’re chatting, talking about their experiences and gossiping about other girls. After a while, a thought comes to the mind of one of them, so she asks: “Wanna play spin the bottle game?” If not for the fact that it was recorded in the form of Virtual Reality Porn, no one would ever believe you!

There are no bad scenarios – either girls will kiss each other, or you’ll be kissing your beautiful girl or you can kiss her sexy friend with no consequences!

You agree to play and you start to spin the bottle. After several questions and challenges, Maya loses patience and challenges her friend: “Alexa, give a head to your boyfriend while I’ll be watching!” Your girlfriend is not convinced at first, but eventually, since it’s just fun, she decides to do it. She’s sucking your cock deeper than usual to show her friend how skillful she is, but it brings a slightly different effect from the intended… Maya starts to help her!

You have no idea how did this happen but suddenly, out of nowhere, this innocent play turned into a real orgy. The girls ride you alternately, kissing and licking their wet pussies – and all of that on your eyes. You’re surprised that Alexa does not mind that Maya is jumping on your hard cock, but as they say, “sharing is caring!”

When your girl is riding you hard while screaming, moaning and groaning, the other one is playing with Alexa’s pussy, using a cute red lollipop that she brought with herself.

Each of the girls is really sexy and you couldn’t last long with one of them, not to mention two, but they perfectly understand this – when you are close to cum, girls lean over you together, putting their firm breasts and letting you cum on them with your hot load.

When it’s over, they both go to another room, to continue their chit-chat and gossiping, and you still can’t believe what has just happened here. Stop wondering and remember, that in the world of Virtual Reality Porn everything is possible!

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