Alexis Fawx Has Too Much CUMfidence!

Have you ever wanted to fuck a popular singer or a pop star? Do you even really think that such celebrities are slutty enough to give you a one night stand? And what if we, Virtual Reality Bangers, have turned one of our professional VR porn stars into one of those singers? Perhaps the girl will not be the best at singing, but you’ll have a 100% assurance that she will know how to work with her mouth in other ways – possibly even more enjoyable than working with a microphone.

Alexis Fawx, our incredibly alluring MILF VR porn star has always wanted to sing, and today we have given her opportunity to do so. We have rented a studio, supplied her with all the sound equipment that she could think of and started recording. All this time, though, the girl instead of focusing on singing, was paying attention to our sound engineer – and more precisely speaking, to an enormous cock outlining on the front of his jeans.

In no time Alexis’ music career has already been a secondary thing, as an opportunity to choke and gag on such a dick has possessed her thoughts and she had to eventually do something about that. In only a matter of minutes, the girl was already kneeling in front of the lucky guy, giving him a well-deserved deep throat and sucking his schlong balls deep, to later not only work on it with her filthy mouth, but also her juicy pussy.

Today you too can become the lucky guy and almost literally feel like him after wearing your VR headset – this newest 3D VR porn movie called Too Much CUMfidence may not be like a typical session in a recording studio, but still wearing a pair of headphones is highly recommended, as thanks to our binaural sound systems we made sure that you will hear all the Alexis’ wild moans and groans in high definition!

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