Alix Lynx Masturbates While you Touch Yourself in Front of Her

One day while you were staying over at Alix Lynx’s house, you prepared her a nice bath with rose petals in it. When she came to the bathroom, she was actually quite glad that you were in there, because it seems that she was planning something hot for you.

Alix was wearing a pair of hot pink lingerie with some white stockings and black high heels, she was looking so slutty that no man could ever resist her if she would have approached him.

I am glad that you are in here because I really want you to watch,” she tells you as she starts to take off her bra. You reply “I will definitely enjoy the show” as soon as her big tits are revealed.

I will slowly get naked and take a bath, and relax,” says Alix as she sits on the bathtub edge and starts taking off her high heels. As her high heels come off, she continues talking to you while taking off her stockings and the rest of her lingerie.

Once she was completely nude, she tied up her hair so it does not get wet once she enters the bath. As she entered, she turned on the shower, and you can now enjoy the incredible sight of a beautiful blonde babe getting completely wet.

Alix really likes to take her time during the shower, so it will take a while until she is completely clean. However, once she is done, instead of leaving the bathtub, she is going to ask you to hand her over the toy you were playing with since she got into the bathroom.

As you passed her the little toy, Alix will sit on the edge of the bathtub again. “I want you to take out that hard cock of yours and start playing with it while I am pleasuring my pussy,” she says right as she spreads her legs and massaging her clit with the toy that you gave her.

Because you are incredibly hard, you decided to take out your big cock. When she saw how big it actually is, you could see that she got even hornier than she was a couple of seconds ago, before the big reveal.

Now that you are stroking your staff, she will begin to penetrate her love tunnel. Because Alix is incredibly horny, it will not take too long before she gets to the point where she is about to cum.

Once her body starts shaking a little bit, you will be able to see her facial expression change as she goes through a plethora of amazing emotions that her orgasm is providing her.

Alix will then thank you for enjoying her teasing performance before she leaves the bathroom while you are still playing with your donger.

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