Amazing blonde Angel Wicky wants you to test out her toy on her

You work as a delivery man, and this time, you were supposed to deliver a package to the legendary Angel Wicky. As you climb to her floor, you see her apartment number, and you ring the doorbell.

“Hey, I hear a bell! Oh, nice to see you again” she says, remembering that you brought her a couple of items already.

“Do you mind if I check out if everything is alright if something is broken?” she asks before she starts to open the package right in front of you.

Once she opened up the package, you see that she ordered a red dildo off the internet. Angel then looks at you and says “I have been watching you for quite a while, so would you maybe like to come inside? Grab a cup of coffee or something? I want to test this thing out, so if it doesn’t work that I can return it right away” before she puts the dildo on her lips and gives it a nice long lick.

Seeing the amazing opportunity, you decide to accept her invitation. As you get to the kitchen, you take a seat. Angel will then get right in front of you with the red toy in her hand.

“You know what, I will test this thing out right now, right in front of you,” she says while taking it all the way down her throat. After she shoves it down her throat a couple of times, Angel will come closer to you and give you a kiss before she backs off and shows you her panties.

“Here, take it, I want you to help me test this out,” she says before she hands you the red dildo. After that, Angel will strip some off her clothes off, revealing her big tits that are still covered with her bra.

Angel will then get down on her knees, and as she takes your hand, she will stick the toy into her mouth and start sucking the toy. “You wish I was sucking you off like this, don’t you?” she says as she takes the whole toy down her throat again.

A couple of moments later, Angel will take off her bra and display her big fake tits completely. “I want you to shove that toy between my big tits just like you would stick your big cock”.
Since all of that titty fucking made her quite horny, Angel decided to get completely naked and show you her delicious pussy. “Make that toy vibrate and stick it into my wet pussy,” she says as you were about to do it anyway.

While you are drilling her pussy, Angel will go through a couple of different positions, and in between some of them, she will take the toy for herself and use it as you watch her before she lets you drill her again.

In the end, Angel will get right on top of you, and she will ride the toy that is in your hand while telling you that the next time you come, you will be able to fuck her just like that.

In the cowgirl position, Angel will start to moan quite loudly, and your visit will end with her having an incredible orgasm all over your hand.

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