Amazing Sauna Day with Five Russian Hotties

You really try hard during the week, as you work really hard so you can increase your wealth. However, when the weekend arrives, there is nothing better for you to do but to go to a nice relaxing Russian sauna with a pool.

After you go into the Sauna, your body is going to be incredibly relaxed, however, you will also feel really hot, so you will go for a swim too. Once you finish swimming, you will lay down on the towel near a pool, and wait until you dry off.

As you wait with nobody around, out of nowhere, five incredibly hot babes are going to run into the room with the pool while yelling “Hello!“. When they take off their white sauna robes, you will be able to observe these hotties enjoying themselves by throwing water at each other while taking a swim.

These girls are going to talk between themselves, and even if you do not understand a single thing because it is all in Russian, you will notice that they are talking about you.

At one moment, two of the girls are going to get out of the pool to take a shower, while the other three get to you as close as they can while still in the pool. Then they will start making out with each other while taking a peek at you from time to time.

Like every man, watching these beautiful babes is going to give you a boner, and when the girls notice that, they will all take off their tops and bottoms, revealing their beautiful breasts.

After that, these girls are going to surround you before they start to massage your cock over your swimsuit. When they are sure that you are completely hard, they are going to take off your swimsuit.

The size of your big bulging cock is definitely going to surprise them, so it will not take long before two of the girls start sucking on it while mimicking the other ones to go for a swim until they are pleased.

When these two are done sucking, the other ones are going to have their turn, and the mix of their saliva is going to make you feel absolutely incredible.

You might think to yourself that nothing can beat the amazing view of five Russian models sucking you off while they are completely naked. But you will be wrong because sooner than you know it, some of them are also going to have a ride on your donger.

While they are being penetrated by your raging shaft, these hotties will moan out loud, and they will cum quite fast. Once it is your time to cum as well, all of the girls are going to surround you and start stroking you off until you spray them with your juices.

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