Angel Wicky is your naughty step daughter

date_range August 20, 2017
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Angel Wicky is your naughty step daughter

While you are in the living room watching some VR Porn, you will hear the door open. Without even looking who it is, since you are too busy playing with your cock, you hear someone yelling "Oh my god, what the fuck are you doing here?".

As you take a look, you see that your stepdaughter, Angel Wicky, came home earlier than she was supposed to.

"I am working day and night, and all you do is play around with your cock, watching some stupid porn while I am making a living for us?"
You see that she is quite upset, and as she takes the laptop out of your hands, she will tell you that the things are going to be however she wants them to be from now on because she is the boss of the house.

"I don't want you to touch yourself anymore, you will get a job tomorrow," she says. You think that you are in a very bad spot, and as you were about to pull your pants up, Angel will unbutton her shirt and stop you from putting your pants back.

"No, leave it like that. I don't want you to touch yourself because I am the one who will take care of you" says Angel as she helps you remove your pants completely.

Hearing that made your soft cock become a completely erect one in just a couple of seconds, and as Angel got down on her knees, she started to suck you off.

"This is quite fun," you hear her whisper as she begins to show all of her cock sucking skills on your pole. After Angel deepthroats you for a little while, she will pull down her panties and get very close towards your face so you can take a nice look at her pussy.

As she bends over and makes herself comfortable, Angel says "I want you to finger my pussy, finger it like never before". You started to penetrate her with a single finger, and even if it went in quite slowly at first, her pussy became drenched with juices in mere seconds.

"You know what, that is enough, I want to feel your cock inside of me," she says while turning around. As you stick your cock into her hairy pussy, Angel will begin to moan loudly.
The longer you penetrate her in the cowgirl position, the deeper your cock goes, and Angel will moan louder and louder until she stops riding you at one point so she can rub her clit and have an orgasm before she rides you again.

When she got tired of riding, she wanted you to take over control, so she went to the couch and bent over. You then penetrated her in the doggy position, and since you were in charge, you plunged your cock as deep as possible.

"Oh my god. Yes! Yes!" she screams while you are pounding her wet cunt as hard and as fast as possible, making her have yet another orgasm.

At the time that you got tired, Angel already regained her strength, so she pushed you on the table and got right on top of you so she can ride you one last time for yet another orgasm before she got down on her knees to finish you off with a blowjob that will cover her lips with your cum.

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