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As you find yourself in the hallway, you hear Anissa Kate talking to her driver on the phone. It turns out that he was in a car accident and that he can not drive her because his car is completely crushed. After her phone call, Anissa will ask you if you could drive her to the meeting in her VR porn company since she does not have any money for the cab.

At that point, you decided to unzip your pants and point towards your cock since you do not expect to drive her for free. Anissa will first be completely shocked, however, since she needs to get to her meeting quite badly, she will accept your offer.

First, she will get herself horny by showing you her big fake tits, and a moment later she will also show you her nicely shaved pussy. “Oh my god, I am already so horny,” says Anissa while she’s rubbing her love button with her fingers.

After a little bit, she will turn around and show you her ass while she’s still masturbating. As she fingers herself faster and faster, Anissa will moan louder and louder.

Finally, once she feels horny enough, Anissa will get down on her knees and as she reveals your cock she says “Oh my, you have a really big dick” and then she starts to stroke it off with her big tits.

While your big pecker is between her tits, she will make out with you and after a little while, she will wrap her juicy lips around it as well. “Your dick is so tasty,” says Anissa while as her spit covers your rock solid pole.

Once your dick was completely drenched in her saliva, Anissa will start deepthroating it as much as possible, and you will often hear how she’s choking on your big shaft.

Of course, after a nice session of deepthroating, your cock will be even slipperier than before, so this time when she wraps her big tits around it, you will be able to slide it between them nice and easy.

As you fuck her tits, Anissa will moan in pleasure before she starts to pleasure your cock with her hands and lips one more time. Even if she was not into the idea of sucking you off to get a drive, you can see it in her eyes that she is really enjoying the taste of your rock solid pecker.

However, since a lot of time has passed, you can also see that she is trying to make you cum because she does not want to be late to the meeting. “I need you to cum right now, I want you to cum baby,” she says as she strokes you off rapidly while her lips are wrapped around the tip of your cock.

As you start to cum, she will keep her mouth around your cock and swallow all the semen you shoot down her throat.

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