Anya Ivy and Bridgette B are the Real BFFs – For Good and For… a Fuck?

date_range January 13, 2018
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Anya Ivy and Bridgette B are the Real BFFs – For Good and For… a Fuck?

Friendship between two women can be very difficult, but also has its pros. Two girlfriends will always support each other, regardless of the situation, and when one of them is hurt by the guy, the other one can always comfort her and support her spirit. But what if both girls had enough of guys and decided to give up on them? Well, considering that both of them are sexy VR Porn stars, the situation can become really interesting.

Anya Ivy and Bridgette B, two heroes of this latest scene from VR Bangers, are both working in the Virtual Reality Porn industry and are done with all these sexist guys. Men only betray, exploit and can’t really appreciate such devoted girls like them. That's why our sexy girls decided to go out for a weekend together, away from the guys, to relax and get closer to each other. However, it is known that in such situations, especially when the alcohol comes into play, things can get out of control and ordinary friendship can turn into something more...

After an active day, the girls decide to jump into the hot tub to relax their muscles and rest both from the strain and from those hopeless guys. The girls undress, leaving only bathing suits and jump together in the hot tub. After some time, however, when high water temperatures increase the effects of alcohol, conversations begin to become more intimate, and girls seem to stop having any barriers between them.

It doesn’t take long for innocent games to turn into sweet kisses, and those into passionate necking as the girls begin to touch their semi naked, sexy bodies. Scenes with two girls are one of the most erotic ones in the whole Virtual Reality Porn, because women are able to build the right atmosphere, speed up the pace, and take the time to achieve mutual satisfaction.

Moments later, both Bridgette and Anya are no longer wearing any clothes, playing with their wet pussies and busting boobs. Interracial movies usually have a lot of fans, because everyone can find something for themselves here - whether you like hot chocolate or Caucasian whores.

This trip was supposed to be seemingly innocent and polite, but one of the girls brought a strap-on with her, expecting what might happen when the alcohol comes into play. Girls are fucking each other with the dildos, while their moaning and groaning can be heard throughout the resort.

Who needs a guy when you have a friend at your side, and a huge vibrator, which you can insert into your pussy to its very end to feel the satisfaction equal, or maybe even greater than that felt from the real penis.

Both porn stars are experienced in sex, so they're easily giving each other multiple orgasms, screwing themselves to unconsciousness. Guys, keep an eye on your girlfriends, because one day you may find that they will be stolen by their sexy friends – be careful!

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