Apolonia Lapiedra & Anissa Kate Blowing In Public

date_range May 04, 2017
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Apolonia Lapiedra & Anissa Kate Blowing In Public

While you decided to have an incredible night out with your girlfriend Apolonia Lapiedra, you found out that the restaurant you were supposed to go to got shut down because of an inspection. However, since you were already in the town, you decided to walk around and see if there are any other restaurants that happen to have a free table. As you found on that did, you decided to stay and took a seat.

Upon that moment, you realized that the waitress, Anissa Kate, happens to be one of your ex-girlfriends that you dated in college. As she introduced herself to your girlfriend, she definitely had to mention that there was something between you two.

Once she asked your girlfriend what she would like to order, Apolonia simply answered "Only fish and chips please", and then she excused herself to the bathroom

When Anissa Kate noticed that your girlfriend entered the bathroom, she says "As soon as I saw you at the door, I remembered the fun we had in college. Do you remember?". Hearing these words only got you thinking how you fucked every time you got a chance, and since this developed a hardon, Anissa could not help but notice.

"I want to suck your dick!" she says, even if the customers are right at the other table, she pushes your chair to the back a bit and gets down on her knees. Upon unzipping your pants, she starts sucking you off and it feels as great as it did during your college days.

While Anissa has your cock inside of her mouth, your girlfriend returned from the bathroom and as she saw what you were doing she yelled: "What the fuck are you doing?". Instead of panicking, the redhead waitress simply told her to stop yelling and that she should join you instead.

Surprisingly, her seductive methods seemed to have worked on your girlfriend as well. As Apolonia took a seat on the table, she started to make out with Anissa, and before you knew it, these two babes started to take off each other's clothes.

When they took off everything except their shoes and stockings, Anissa started to lick Apolonia's pussy. Of course, the customers were paying attention to that, and they also started to take pictures as well as record the action between these two angels.

Once they were done exchanging oral pleasures with each other, these two hotties got down on their knees and gave you a nice blowjob together which made your dick incredibly wet and hard.

Because the other customers started to feel uncomfortable with your freedom, they decided to leave, making you three the only one in the restaurant. That was the perfect sign for the girls to continue to the next stage of the lovemaking session which was to pleasure your boner with their tight pussies.

Apolonia was the first one to get impaled in the reverse cowgirl position. While being drilled by your hard cock, she was also eating Anissa's pussy who was sitting on the table. Later on, the girls switched their roles, but they also wanted to repeat this process in a couple of other positions.

In the very end, these two beauties finished you off just like they started the session with, a blowjob that was so good that you delivered a load bigger than ever before. More such crazy blow

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