Apple Special Event? And What About “Made by Google”?

Few days before the Apple Special Event, on September 9th, we have told you about our predictions on what is, according to us, a most probable scenario when it comes to new stuff announced by the company on their presentation. Some of our predictions were correct, some of them were not, and it is about time to confront if we were right or not, telling you about pretty much everything that happened on that occasion – however, that is not all what is this article about. There is yet another event on the horizon that is worth mentioning: the “Made by Google” ceremony in New York City! There is a whole lot to talk about, so let’s shortly go through everything that Apple has given us already, then proceed with what Google might give us really soon, and finally coming up with the conclusion: which of those events and novelties announced on them is a more important factor for VR Bangers’ VR porn movies?

Summary of the Apple Special Event 2018 conference

Apple Special Event 2018 conference that happened on September 12 in Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino is behind us. The company revealed all the information about new smartphones iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr, and we also got to know the new Apple Watch 4 watches. Even though most of our predictions happened to be accurate, the most important one of them – one regarding new augmented reality technology, ARKit3 – has been unsuccessful, so we feel obliged to tell you about their announcements simply to prove that we were right, although nothing related to our VR porn films (or augmented reality/virtual reality technologies) has really happened on that day in California.

iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr

The new iPhones certainly were the biggest stars of this year’s conference. Apple hopes that the iPhone Xr will prove to be a store bestseller, since the cheapest of the presented smartphones will not be significantly worse than the rest. Although it has been equipped with 6.1 LCD display (Liquid Retina: resolution 1792 x 828), and not OLED, as in the case of more expensive models, we will find in it the same processor Apple A12 Bionic (the first SoC made in 7nm lithography), so that the performance will not diverge from them. What’s more, the processor is equipped with an NPU chip for artificial intelligence. Were those a huge surprise for us, VR Bangers? Definitely not as we predicted that new iPhone will be shown, and, just like we expected, these devices will have no impact on our VR porn movies or the virtual reality industry as a whole whatsoever.

Apple Watch 4

Apple smart watches have been refreshed by design. Not only that their screens have grown, they also have a higher resolution now. Apple Watch 4 is also smarter than its predecessors – it monitors the user’s heart rate in the background and tells you when it detects that it has dropped to a too low level. However, this is not the end. The watch will let you do an ECG (electrocardiography)! This is possible thanks to the sensors mounted on the bottom of the watch and the crown placed on its side. Novelties also include newly developed shields that provide more information now and can be selected for various activities such as sports or traveling. And guess what? VR Bangers have also foreseen this one coming, and no, just like in the case of new iPhones, new smart watches do not really matter for our VR porn videos.

New ARKit?

Even though we were expecting a new ARKit to be shown, unfortunately this prediction of ours were not correct. It is most likely because this one was more a thing that we have really wanted to happen, and not a thing that was likely to occur, so we simply got slightly unlucky and our honest expectations have unfortunately been thrown into a trash. New ARKit 3 from Apple would mean a huge opportunity for AR porn videos that are most likely the future of VR porn films, and even though we did not get to hear about it at all this time, we keep on hoping that sooner or later Apple will get back to it, so we will try to stay up to date with their announcements having that in mind.

Made by Google

About a month ago, on September 6th, Google has officially announced that the company’s next hardware event “Made by Google” will take place on October 9th in New York City – so in just few days from now. The widely leaked Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are expected and there are rumors of new Pixelbooks and other Made by Google products – including some related to the virtual reality area that we have the best hopes for. In a departure from the inaugural event in 2016 and last year’s follow up, Google is hosting their next major product launch in New York City and not San Francisco. Additionally, it is being held five days later – on October 9th instead of the 4th. What could it possibly bring? Let some more predicting begin!


Even though pretty much everyone is talking about the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smarpthones, there are some other things from Made by Google hardware area of the company that might show up. We are not going to talk about the aforementioned phones in this article at all, since we have already lost enough time to tell you something about the newest iPhones – and as indicated above, none of those new devices bring anything innovative to our VR porn films or the virtual reality market in-general. As we, VR Bangers, are the premium virtual reality porn movies’ makers, it is obvious that we have some biggest hopes when it comes to the virtual reality part of Google’s technologies: could it be that the event will bring some new VR headsets from Google? Well, let’s talk about our chances, shall we?

Daydream View?

Even though Google Daydream (as well as budget-friendly Google Cardboard) is one of VR headsets supported by VR Bangers’ VR porn movies, we do not talk much about it. We mentioned the Google Daydream App once some time ago, and stopped writing about it from that time – this is since there is not much going on when it comes to these VR goggles, but this might be actually a really, really good sign for us! Since Google has been that quiet when it comes to this cheap alternative of other VR visors, yet a more comfortable option than the Google Cardboard VR goggles, we have some great hopes that the firm might actually tell us a little something about the new version of those, or maybe even about the newest wireless or standalone virtual reality headset? It would have been an awesome information for our VR porn films…

New generation of Google Cardboard VR goggles?

And if not the new Daydream View version, perhaps we should count on Google Cardboard VR headset of the newest generation, then? It is actually quite interesting that this budget-friendly solution has been one of the first ones introduced to the virtual reality market (together with devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive), and yet it has never received any updates or new versions. Sure, you might actually say that there is nothing to be improved in a piece of a cardboard but, on the other hand, Google has already proven that statement incorrect when introducing the aforementioned Daydream VR visor. Perhaps this time we will get something even newer and more durable or comfortable? You know, claiming that the company could introduce something cheaper that Google Cardboard is a little exaggeration, don’t you think? And how many of you use those for our VR porn movies? That’s interesting…


Apple has given us a whole lot of new things and provided every company’s fan with many new devices to think about – yet literally nothing that could interest the VR porn movies’ producers like us. We were expecting at least a ARKit 3 mention, but even that did not happen, leaving us almost completely comentless and with nothing else but some great hopes left for the future.

Will Google’s conference be equally unsatisfactory for virtual reality industry? Could it be that neither that company will give us any insights and new technologies that could support our productions in terms of augmented and/or virtual (or maybe even both?) segments of our activity? Only the time will show that, and all we can do is to wait these few more days and see for ourselves what is about to come. Honestly speaking, as the ARKit speculations were more like hopes than some realistic insights, and this time we really have some grounds to believe that some VR related technology might show up, we rely that the New York’s event will certainly be successful for us and we keep on having our fingers crossed!

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