Ayumi Anime will train you and then fuck you!

The body of a hot VR Porn model, Ayumi Anime, does not come out of nowhere – this hot chick in her spare time is busy with fitness and yoga classes. Equally sexy Jaye Summers decided to use Ayumi’s instructor skills and went to her yoga classes.

When the girls finished training, Ayumi convinced Jaye that they should now go to the sauna to give their muscles a rest after a hard workout. What Jaye did not know is that Ayumi had something more than just a massage in mind…

The girls go to the sauna and after a short while, Ayumi explains Jaye that unless she gets naked, the sauna will not function 100% properly for her skin and muscles. Naive Jaye listens to the instructor’s advice and undresses, revealing her sexy body in front of her. Ayumi starts massaging her pupil, explaining that her muscles will recover faster, while admiring her feminine shapes and getting increasing fond of her young body.

When Ayumi can’t stand it anymore and starts touching Jaye in a less professional manner, she protests, saying, “Stop, I have a boyfriend and I can’t do such things, it’s over exaggeration to sit here with you naked already.” Ayumi does not stop and continues touching sexy Jaye, minute by minute allowing herself to do more and more.

Jaye resists Ayumi’s caresses, but eventually becomes somewhat adored, admitting to her trainer that it’s been a long time since her boyfriend touched her like that. Jaye says, “We’re with each other for so long that my boyfriend does not look at me like he used to, he does not touch me like he did earlier. I’m so terribly neglected…”

After hearing that, Ayumi takes the opportunity and goes on to make it all more serious, starting to play with her student’s pussy, inserting her fingers into her and licking her with her wet tongue. It does not take long before Jaye surrenders completely and starts touching her coach’s athletic body too, from minute to minute in ever more daring way.

Jaye knows that it is wrong and that she is now betraying her boyfriend, but her neglected pussy can’t resist such temptation. The girls begin to lick each other’s pussies, play with their clits and suck up their stinging breasts. After a short moment, any boundaries disappear, and the normal visit in the sauna turns into a real VR Porn orgy.

The girls put their tongues into their wet holes deeper and deeper every minute, and their loud moans begin to spread throughout the gym – they will not stop until they will both feel full satisfaction and their pussies will become wet and pulsating with delight.

When the first girl reaches an orgasm, she concentrates on the other to help her cum too, rubbing her clit even harder than before and putting her wet tongue even deeper.

When both girls fall from exhaustion after “intensive training”, they leave the sauna to get dressed and to return to their normal lives as if nothing had happened.

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