Banging Babes with the Santa Claus

Ho, ho, ho” you hear the Santa say as he is approaching you with a present. “Marry Christmas. Here is your present for being good during the whole year. But wait, there is more”. You see Santa peeking around the corner of the room you are in.

Come in girls, Christmas,” says Santa before looking at you telling you “Now. It is time to be naughty instead“. You see five sexy babes dressed in Christmas outfits kneeling in front of you saying “We are your Christmas present“.

The girls stood up, they started flashing you their asses. Eventually, they will start touching each other’s bodies, and they will begin to make out with each other before they start to strip off their clothes.

The first girl that gets naked is going to be a cute blonde babe with small tits. She will get down on her knees and start hitting your cock over the pants with the outfit she was wearing before getting close to you and giving you a couple of kisses as she runs her hand over your crotch.

She will later go back to her pack, and now, almost all of the girls are completely naked. When they finish undressing, they will all approach you. One of them will start unzipping your pants.

As they all see your big cock you hear one of them say “Wow, a present for us“. The redhead babe will start stroking your shaft until it gets completely erect. Once it does, the girl kneeling between your knees will start sucking you off while other’s take a lick from time to time.

You will not handle all five girls by yourself, as Santa will also take off his clothes and join the party. While four girls kiss you, suck on your balls and your big cock, you will see him being sucked off by the ebony babe in the background.

When your cock gets nicely moist from the amazing cock sucking you have been receiving, the girls will finally decide to go to another level of pleasure with you. One of the babes will start riding you in the cowgirl position, while another one of them will be penetrated in doggy by Santa.

Since the girls will see how much fun the first one was having while bouncing up and down on your erect donger, they decided they will all take turns to ride you. When the second babe starts riding you, the girl next to you will now be fucked in the missionary position.

All of the babes will take turns to experience your penis, and when you are about to cum, they will all get around you, waiting for you to spray your man juices everywhere.

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