Barbara Bieber Knows Wow to Apologize

Your girlfriend Barbara Bieber tends to be really impatient sometimes, especially when she’s driving. In fact, she crashed your car a couple of times already, and you are not sure how long you will be able to take her apologies.

One day while you were relaxing at home, it was just an ordinary afternoon. Suddenly, you hear your girlfriend rushing downstairs. Just by hearing the sounds of her footsteps, you can tell that she is upset because of something.

The first thing you assumed is that she crashed your car again, but you were really hoping that is not the case because you had enough of that. Sadly, that was the case because when she got down the stairs, the first thing she told you was “I crashed your car again, ok?“.

You were about to explode, but then she said something else. “I want you to punish me. I want you to fuck me hard as a punishment. Go take off your clothes and fuck me.” while she was taking off her clothes in front of you until she was completely naked.

This was more than enough to give her a chance to change your mind about the car she crashed. So you took off your clothes and you went to the bedroom where you waited for her to join you.

Let’s do some fucking” you hear Barbara say as she is approaching you from behind. She got between your legs, and without any warm up, she started sucking on your cock like a true porn star.

Barbara gave you nice blowjobs in the past, but she never sucked you as good as she is doing it now. In fact, this time she is taking your whole cock deep down her throat which feels really amazing.

She also sucked on your balls which she was very uncomfortable with during your regular lovemaking sessions, which meant that she really seeks your forgiveness. As you are laying down, you kept watching your brunette girlfriend giving you an amazing fellatio, until she decided to sit on your hard cock.

Once she did, Barbara began bouncing up and down on your rock solid pecker. You could feel your big shaft penetrating deep inside her, deeper than you ever went before because usually, she would be in pain because your cock is too big.

After stretching her pussy with your big shaft for a while, Barbara got off of you so she can lick off her own pussy juices. She got into the sixty-nine position that you decided to take advantage off by looking at her pussy up-close while fingering her hard.

Later on, she went for another round of riding. This time, you decided to thrust your cock as well, making her take an even harder pounding that made her scream in pleasure.

As you were about to cum, Barbara got between your legs again, and she started stroking you off while waiting with her mouth to catch all of your warm juices.

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