Barbara Bieber’s Morning Exercise is Hot Masturbation

It’s early in the morning, you are about to wake up your girlfriend like you do every day before you leave the house. As you call out to her “Barbara Bieber wake up“, she opens her eyes and looks at you while having a beautiful smile.

She then pushes the covers off her chest, so you can see her in some extraordinary pink lingerie that makes her big tits look absolutely fantastic. Usually after she wakes up you leave the house immediately, however, it seems that Barbara had a very naughty dream that she would like to finish before doing anything else.

First, she is going to stretch for a while, and then she is going to tell you “I want you to play with me“. Because you have a couple of minutes to spare, and you rarely see your girlfriend this horny in the morning, you decided to stay for the show that is about to occur.

Barbara will start caressing her body, and she will bend over while asking you if you like her juicy ass. After that, she will turn towards you again in order to ask “Do you want to see my tits?“.

Without even hearing your answer, this brunette beauty will then take off her pink bra, and her big round titties are going to come out in the open. Since she really likes her titties, she will play with them for a while until she asks you if you want to see her pussy too.

Barbara will then also take off her pink panties, and now she is going to be completely naked. Before she starts playing with herself, she is going to display her gorgeous figure in a couple of different positions that are definitely going to stay in your head for the rest of the day.

When she is finally ready to please herself, she will lay down on her back, spread her legs and start fingering her wet pussy. She is going to get into the doggy position too because here her fingers can go the deepest.

Once her pussy is completely drenched, she is going to take a dildo in order to pleasure herself even more because you do not have time to fuck her because you have to leave for work soon.

Barbara will moisten the toy by sucking on it for a while until it is completely covered in her saliva. After that, she will slide it over and between her big tits because that turns her on beyond her normal point. When she starts penetrating herself with the toy, it will not take too long for her to finish what she started in her dream.

She will drill herself in front of you in various positions all the way until she cums, and once she does, she will spread her pussy nice and wide so you can have one last look before you leave for work.

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