Believe it or Not, Women Want VR Sex as Well

Due to the advancement of virtual reality tech, there are more and more consumers that are interested in trying out some of the most fun experiences anyone can have in VR. According to recent studies and data, women may actually be more interested in having virtual reality sex more than men. Yes, we don’t believe it as well, but it’s true.

Studies in Britain about virtual reality sex

Brits are open-minded and they are very well aware of the VR possibilities. According to a new research and survey, women in Britain are more interested in having virtual reality sex more than men. Almost three thousand women were interviewed and 16% of them said that they would love to try out sex in virtual reality. On the other hand, 40% of them said that sex with technology cannot be compared to the regular one, as it is much more enjoyable. Due to technological advancements, sex is evolving every day, and we need to keep up with it for more pleasure.

How is virtual sex accomplished for women?

First of all, they need a 360-degree cam service. Then, they could have fun with even a distant partner through virtual reality. There is a vast disposal of kinky sex toys they could use and have fun with. There are also more sex toys, which are controlled digitally which can offer a similar experience for women and even men. So, men and women can use live streaming services and have sex online any time they want.

How is virtual reality sex affecting the real one?

Without a doubt, because of the VR, people started reducing their regular sex life and using their time elsewhere, which is the virtual reality sex. VR was looked down on, but now every company tries to integrate VR systems so they can keep up with the market and the buyers. So, this means that people are more into trying out virtual reality and exploring their fetishes in front of screens than enjoying it physically with their partners. Some people even have partners and they prefer doing it in a virtual reality rather than doing it in person. Does this come out of the partners are not able to satisfy each other in a conventional way, or is it something else? This depends on individuals and everyone has their own reason of preferring sex through the screen. Will this encourage partners to spend more of their time in perfecting their physical skills so they don’t become physically inactive? Or are they going to spend their time in virtual reality? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the show.

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