Best Valentine’s Day Gift a Man Could Ask For

It is Valentine’s day and your hot British girlfriend has a very special surprise for you. She put on an incredible outfit of red lingerie and stockings with a garter belt.

Happy Valentine’s day my darling, I have got a very special gift for you,” she says to you before walking to the doors of the living room. As she opened the door, she says “Girls”.

All of the sudden, you see some of her close friends coming in the room. Before you knew it, you were in the living room with five incredibly hot babes who all wore nothing but sexy stockings and lingerie, it was a dream come true.

The beautiful girls are all going to take turns, sucking your delicious cock,” your girlfriend tells you, as she pats one of the girls on the shoulder, causing her to get towards you while down on her knees.

The first girl that approached you was a hot brunette who had tattoos all over her right arm. She really didn’t hesitate when it came to sucking your cock as she immediately took your shaft out of the pants so she can start sucking.

While the tattooed babe was giving you a blowjob, you could see your girlfriend observing, while other three girls were playing with each other in the background.

Your girlfriend soon decided to take off the tattooed girl’s bra, so she can give you a nice little boobjob while sucking you off until she was told to give someone else a turn.

“Who’s next,” your girlfriend says, making yet another girl to approach your raging boner. This time, it was a cute short hair brunette.

Her cock sucking skills were much different from the first one, as she focused more on twisting your cock while wrapping her lips around the tip. She also enjoyed your cock so much, that she hugged your cock with her tits for a bit too.

You had enough,” your girlfriend tells her while pulling her away from your rod. The next girl that approached you was wearing a white shirt and some white knee-socks, making her stand out from the others.

When she started to suck you off, she did it very slowly, however, she only did that so saliva could stack up in her mouth before she gave you her best. She became really crazy when it comes to sucking dick, as you never seen anyone do it so well, especially when she sucked on your balls.

The last one of your girlfriend’s friends was a cute blonde, but she didn’t suck on your cock too much, because you were really close to cumming, and your girlfriend also wanted some action.

It’s my turn.” your girlfriend tells you while being on her knees in front of you. Her technique was to stroke your cock that was drenched in the saliva of the previous girls while sucking onto your ballsack.

When you were about to cum, all of the girls gathered around your cock, so they can all have a taste of your juices.

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