Bridgette B Rewards Her Pool Boy for Peeking

Bridgette B really likes to stay in shape, so naturally, she enjoys doing some indoor workout to keep her incredible figure. However, it was a really hot day, so she didn’t feel like finishing off her planned routine.

Eventually, she poured some water over her shirt, which gave her another idea to burn off some calories. “I think it is time to treat myself after such a workout,” she says while taking off her clothes.

Bridgette then lays down on the couch and spreads her legs so she can easily rub her pussy by putting her hands in panties. “What the fuck” she yells at one point while looking at the window.

In the window, she sees her pool boy looking at her. Instead of running away, the pool boy entered the house begging her not to freak out as he just happened to see her while he was cleaning the pool.

I’m so sorry, please don’t call the cops,” says the pool boy while pleading to keep his job. “If you are going to watch me, you might as well be of some use,” Bridgette tells the pool boy while pulling him towards the couch.

She then touches his crotch and feels his completely erect donger while looking him in the eyes. Bridgette takes off his pants, where she then finds a big cock that puts an even bigger smile on her pretty face.

After giving the pool boy a kiss, she goes down on her knees and starts sucking on his pulsating shaft until the point it got completely drenched from her saliva.

Then, she took her big tits and wrapped them around his tool so she can start stroking him off. When she got a bit tired, Bridgette decided it his turn to provide her with some pleasure.

There was a workout machine that she never really used while working out, however, this was finally the time she got to use it to its maximum potential. The pool boy bent Bridgette over on the workout machine so he can start drilling her wet pussy in the doggy position.

He kept slamming until he ran out of stamina, but while it lasted, it was more than enough to make Bridgette moan in pleasure. Later on, she decided to have some more of his big cock by riding him in the cowgirl position.

Now, his cock went even deeper inside her than before, causing Bridgette to moan even louder while the pool boy was also spanking her nice round ass from time to time.

Upon regaining his strength, the pool boy wanted to thank Bridgette for the wonderful time she was providing him. That is when he told her to lay on the couch and spread her legs as much as she can.

Bridgette did as he asked her to, and then he started plowing her even faster and harder than in the previous positions. During this part of their lovemaking session, both of them were very close to cumming.

As soon as Bridgette experienced an incredible orgasm, the pool boy took out his cock which was a sign for her to get down on her knees. The pool boy started moaning as he was about to deliver a giant load of his cum into her mouth, and once he came, he was asked to get back to work.

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