Bunch of New VR Equipment from Pimax at CES 2019

Pimax 8K VR headset (which has been mentioned for the very last time exactly a year ago on the CES 2018) not too long ago has started being manufactured in the mass production so we kept on tracking on everything that is going on around this amazing VR visor, as we believe that it could be one of the first options for our 8K VR porn movies that one day we might start producing. On this year’s CES event, the company has not said much about the headset itself, but instead has provided us with a whole lot of other VR equipment that should work flawlessly with this great 8K VR goggles.

Starting with the VR goggles, the company has shared their latest progress with it and showcased the incoming additional components. On the show floor, the company demonstrated the production versions of the Pimax “8K” and “5K” Plus headsets, and functional “open-palm” controllers for the very first time. Additionally, they showed two of the modules that will extend the functionality of the headsets: controller-less hand-tracking from Leap Motion, and eye-tracking from 7invensun. Eye-tracking technology seems to be extremely interesting for us, VR porn movies makers, as thanks to it we could significantly enhance the quality of our VR porn films in many meanings of the word. Other modules (like the promised wireless transmitter) are still in the works, the company says, but won’t be shown off at CES this week.

Pimax’s controllers, which look like a hybrid of Valve’s Knuckles and Oculus Touch controllers, are said to support an “open-palm” design, meaning a strap will keep the controller attached to the hand even when the user is not “holding” it, which could be quite convenient for flawless VR porn’s usage. Though the controller purportedly includes capacitive sensing on the handle for finger tracking (like Knuckles), it also has a grip trigger (like Touch), and that is why we called it a hybrid – could it be that the Pimax company was able to take the most successful features of both models and create something even greater?

Pimax plans to offer the controllers in two variations: one with thumbsticks (like Touch) and one with trackpads (like the Vive wands), which adds an even bigger differentiation. The company also plans to release a “mixed” solutions like one thumbstick controller and one trackpad controller, but even though it may sound great, it feels like a little overkill to be honest. Perhaps for some VR games this could work, but for just VR porn movies and playing with boobies, simplicity and comfort is pretty much all we need, right?

The company claims that the controllers will work with both 1.0 and 2.0 base stations, and plans to ship two 2.0 base stations together with the pair of controllers for $300, which is a fair price for such a modern device, don’t you think?

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