Call Up Gia Vendetti as a VR Bangers’ Pornstar Recruiter!

Even if you do not admit it, we are pretty sure that you have at least once dreamt of becoming a professional VR porn star – or at least a porn star recruiter! Banging all these horny girls and checking if they ar good enough for VR Bangers’ fans may sound like a dream job – you still have to realize, though, that this is a very demanding piece of work and that you would have a lot of responsibility laying on your shoulders. Even though we can’t just let all of our members work for us, we thought of giving you guys a “demo” version of this profession, creating an entirely new VR porn fantasy called The Pornstar Recruiter.

In this 6K VR porn movie, as this is a VR Bangers’ production, you will be instantly famous and well-acknowledged in the porn industry, and sexy girls are gonna crave for an opportunity to work with you. Gia Vendetti, as she will be your sexual partner tonight, has heard legends about both your dick and your fucking skills, and since she would simply love to shoot some VR porn movies with such a star like you, she will be there willing to do anything you require of her.

Wear your VR headset and let the audition begin – just remember to be as demanding as possible, because the good name of VR Bangers and the satisfaction of all our clients will depend on your assessment. You should definitely try Gia out in all means necessary, checking her capabilities one by one: starting with her slutty mouth, going through her bouncy titties and ending up with her tight, juicy pussy.

Be sure to run a check of all her skills as well, as she is supposed to be capable of doing pretty much anything that could be asked of a professional VR porn star – she has to be a queen of sucking dicks, empress of wild moaning and groaning and princess of hardcore riding on a dick. If she will not meet your expectations, the maths is quite easy, as she is not worth joining the VR Bangers’ network then, and else you have to pick another girl, else ask Gia to repeat the test. Fortunately, you can keep getting back to the audition with her over and over again – this 6K ultra high definition VR porn video will be waiting for you as long as you are a proud member of the ever-growing VR Bangers’ family!

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