Chelsy Sun is definitely the easter bunny everyone would like to bang

After such a gorgeous bunny girl hops in front of your eyes, you will not be able to resist. Chelsy Sun is a skinny girl who likes to celebrate Easter by showing off her natural curves in her sexy pink lingerie. She has a basket with only one colorful egg inside, but she is a bunny, which means that she will search for more. After finding a few more eggs to fill her collection, this beautiful girl will start to play with them.

Seeing her prance around in her sexy lingerie, with her tight ass exposed, while she smiles and holds her basket of eggs, is rather arousing. You could say that Chelsy knows how to make get her audience’s attention, and she will surely get yours as well.

After that, she will hop into the next room, and after seeing you, Chelsy will give you a nice kiss and say “I am looking for eggs” while proceeding to take her little basket on a small journey around your room. You will find yourself unable to look away as she bends over to reach different eggs in her sexy white stockings and her overall cute getup.

Eventually, she will approach you and see the real surprise. There is a huge chocolate egg that will make her very happy, as she takes it in her hands and says “Wow, nice big egg!”, while opening it and finding a surprise inside. The surprise you left is a bunny shaped butt-plug tail, that she will tease you with after eventually telling you “Baby, put it in my ass!“. You will, of course, slowly slide it inside her rectum, making her moan nicely.

After some teasing, she will take it out and suck on it, and as she places it back inside, you can see how horny she has gotten. Chelsy will then slowly unzip your pants and start to produce magic with her mouth while simultaneously touching her juicy pair of round melons.

As your pants come off, she will proceed to suck and lick the tip of your raging cock, while making sure to prepare you for something even better. Who knew that a babe this hot is also such an experienced cock sucker.

As Chelsy has her mouth filled with your dick, you will get to listen to her erotic moaning sounds. You can clearly tell that she is trying so hard to make your dick even harder, and with her skills, Chelsy is surely going to succeed.

After taking off her bra, and displaying her titties, she will eventually turn around for the real deal. The butt-plug is not enough anymore, as Chelsy takes it out and starts hopping on your raging boner.

Her moaning is so sensual, and as she bounces you will get to see her play with her butt plug. Eventually, she will turn around, and after some pussy plunging, you will get to play with her ass up-close.

Her amazing cock riding skills will be shown in a naughty cowgirl since Chelsy really likes to have her ass pounded in a cowgirl position. As you are about to reach a great orgasm, she will stop riding and give you an amazing deep throat blowjob and handjob, that will make your dick produce loads of juices.

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