Cindy Starfall rewards her voyeurs

While you are doing your weekly peeping tom hobby, you decided to hide in a closet of a sexy Japanese schoolgirl. During the time you spent in the closet, you got quite hot, so you decided to take off your pants and your underwear, you are a pervert anyway.

After a while, the girl you are planning to record finally got back to school, and you set your phone to record before she undressed her uniform. But, to your surprise, Cindy Starfall, did not undress her uniform.

Instead, she took her laptop and put it on the bed so she can enjoy some porn while playing with herself. As you moved the curtain of the closet, you could easily see everything.
Cindy was rubbing her pussy with her hand, but slightly into her solo masturbating session, she took a small toy from her bag that will help her relax even more.

When she noticed that something is not right with the closet curtains, Cindy quickly jumped off the bed. You tried to hide behind the curtains, however, she quickly removed them once again, making her notice you, and your rock solid boner.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she yells as she looks into your eyes while being a bit scared and upset. “Well, if you are going to watch me, let me watch you too. Pervert” she tells you.

After that, you see this hot Asian brunette cutie, tease you by displaying her white panties as well as her delicious ass that she spanks every now and then.

“Do you want to grab my ass and spank me? I want you to grab my ass and spank me” Cindy says while taking your hand and putting it on her amazing ass.

Moments later, she took off her panties before grabbing your finger and sticking it into her wet pussy. You fingered her for a bit until she took your finger again so she can put it into her in order to lick off her tasty pussy juice.

Seeing that you really have the hots for her, she got down on her knees and started sucking on your big raging boner while you are recording her with your phone. “Your cock tastes so good” she mumbles while having it deep down her throat.

Once she was done sucking, she went back to her bed while inviting you to come along. As you approached her, she sucked you off some more, before she tells you “I want you to fuck this pussy so bad, I want you to slide this big dick deep inside of me” as she is stroking your rod.

You started slamming her hard in the doggy position, which was only the beginning, but as your cock went deep inside, she moaned out loud like you were fucking her for hours.

Cindy could barely handle your hard pole, so she decided to switch the position to missionary, where you continued fucking her until you were about to cum.

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