Daisy Lee – your naughty stepsister

When your father re-married, you got an incredibly hot stepsister, Daisy Lee. She is a hot teen babe with blonde hair, an athletic build, and she really likes to dress sexy while alone with you in the house.

Of course, over some time, you built up a crush on her, but you never knew how to tell her that. You then came up with a brilliant plan. While she was in the bathroom, you decided to go to her room, and get completely naked before hiding yourself underneath the big pile of clothes she always has on her bed.

Later on, she came into her room, looking for one of her bras. While going through all of the clothes, suddenly, she grabbed your cock. “What? What are you doing here” Daisy yells at you.

Look at me, what are you doing in my bed?” she asks you again, as she is taking off the clothes that are covering you while staring at your cock all along.

When she removed the panties off of your face, you could see your blonde stepsister, wearing a cute pink hat, a white shirt, some pink panties and sexy white knee socks.

Well, maybe just a little bit…” she says her thoughts out loud, before taking your cock into her hands. After stroking you off a bit, Daisy will start sucking you off.

You can finally feel your stepsister’s warm lips around your cock, as she is enjoying it more and more. “Let me show you something” says Anya, before lifting up her shirt, revealing her nice big tits. She takes your cock with her hands, rubs it over her nice nipples, then steps off once again.

This time, she will tease you for a bit by playing with her big boobies, until she turns around so she can slide off her panties while you have a nice view of her big ass before she takes off her shirt as well.

Having only her hat and stockings on, Daisy continues to suck on your hard cock some more. Later on, she gets on top off you, spreads her pussy lips for a while. Daisy then starts playing with her big tits while grinding her pussy on your cock.

After that, she will turn around, giving you a nice view of her ass one more time, but now she will spank herself until her ass cheek gets nice and red.

Before she goes back to your big cock and your balls, Daisy will give you a kiss. Seeing that you are about to cum, she starts stroking off your cock really fast while wrapping her lips around the tip.

When you came, your load ended up inside her mouth. Daisy enjoyed twirling your semen with her tongue for a while, but after swallowing it, she took the bra she was looking for and left the room.

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