Daniela Dadivoso makes you work for your freedom out of her sex dungeon

While you were walking home, you suddenly lost consciousness and once you wake up, you find yourself locked up in a cage, completely naked. However, before you even get a chance to panic, you see Daniela Dadivoso walk up to the cage with only some chains around her beautiful medium sized tits.

Daniela tells you something in Spanish, and because you could not understand anything, you decided to show her a thumbs up since it seemed like a chance for you to earn your freedom.

Because you have shown her a thumbs up, Daniela opened up the cage so you can crawl out of it. As soon as you did, Daniela sat down on a letter chair, and she waited for you to get in front of her.

As you stood in front of her, she immediately began to suck on your cock, however, even if it seemed exciting in the first couple of seconds, you realized the situation you are truly in once you took a good look around.

While looking around the room you found yourself in, you realized it is actually a sex dungeon. There was a cage on the floor where you woke up, whips and chains everywhere, and a couple of contraptions that you definitely didn’t want to experience.

However, even if you were a bit scared, you still managed to develop a complete erection, and once you did. Daniela began to deepthroat your cock, making it extremely slippery from the saliva that was being generated in her throat.

Since Daniela seemed to enjoy the taste of your cock quite a lot, you could see her removing the chains that were going from her boobies towards her pussy. As she removed them, she bent over and then she waited for you to start fucking her in the doggy position.

Upon taking a good look at her body, you realized that she is quite a hot babe, and that the tattoo on her lower back made her look even hotter. That is when you took your rock solid shaft, and you stuck it deep inside of her drenched pussy.

Once you picked up the phase, you could feel how your big cock is spreading the insides of her wet cunt, and as you felt her juicy ass cheeks on your pelvis, you could also hear Daniela moan out loud every time you went as deep as possible.

When she noticed that you are slowly running out of stamina, Daniela showed you with her finger to follow her, and then she told you to sit down in a red chair. After you took a seat, she went down on her knees and she began to stroke your cock which was completely drenched in her pussy juices.

Later on, when she got a hungry for your dick once again, she gave you a quick blowjob, and after that, she decided to torture you for a little bit. However, the torture that she did on you was not physical, but instead, she forced you to watch her masturbate all the way until she cums.

As Daniela finally reached her orgasm, she decided to reward you before she lets you go. She took your cock into her hands, and then she began to ride you in the cowgirl position.

While you were pounding her in the cowgirl position, both of you felt absolutely incredible as your cock could enter even deeper and faster inside of her due to the orgasm she just had.

Since it did not take too long for you to get close to your orgasm, Daniela decided to finish you off with a final blowjob before you came into her mouth.

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