Dick picnic in the park with Lady Dee!

October 24, 2017

Everyone likes to go to the park from time to time, right? Birds singing, the smell of flowers and clean air away from the hustle of the city and the loud cars, will calm the nerves of every, even the most nervous person. The walk in the midst of nature is almost as relaxing as an evening at home with the latest VR Porn movie from VR Bangers – and what if we could combine these two things together?

Everyone knows that places like parks and libraries are the best for picking up girls. Just a little patience, an idea for yourself and a little talk, and the girl is already yours – it’s obviously easier if you come across a horny bitch who just wants to have sex with you, but it’s not that simple to meet such a person… but maybe? In Virtual Reality Porn everything becomes much easier!

Lady Dee is one of those girls who will not let you down on sex. She has a lot of ideas for her wild passions, and the bigger the dick, the better – she can handle even the most massive penis, despite having such petite body. If you can keep up with her pace, then you are guaranteed that the sex of your life is waiting for you.

Today is your happy day! You met Lady and you didn’t even have an occasion to pick one of those flowers around you for her, since she, at the sight of your huge cock bouncing through the pants, immediately asked you to take her home with you – this girl knows what she wants!

As soon as you enter your house, Lady throws you on the bed and grabs your dick in her hand. It was rather obvious that she couldn’t wait any longer to start sucking on it, so it’s no wonder she’s doing it so wild and greedy now.

After a moment of playing with your penis, the girl drops her lovely flower dress and starts riding you as if she had been waiting for that for a long time – and that’s exactly how it was! Her moaning and groaning excite you incredibly and you feel like your cock pulsates in her wet and tight pussy.

It’s interesting how such a young girl like her has such an experience, but you don’t care about it now, since it’s in your favor, so you just keep enjoying this hot young girl.

The girl is riding you for a while, almost dancing with your penis inside, just like the real VR Porn pro, and you already know that you won’t be able to stand her sweet, tight pussy on you for much longer.

Lady is jumping on you to the last moment and when she sees that you have reached your limit, she pulls out your cock, making you cum on her firm belly.

The girl stands up, picks up her sweet dress and leaves your place as if nothing ever happened, leaving you naked with a still hard dick. Although she has cum with you several times, it seems that this nymphomaniac will return to the park at once, looking for another victim for her horny pussy.

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