Dillion Harper and Pristine Edge are the Perfect Babes from the VR Bangers App

When you got over to your friend’s place, he was really glad you could make it. However, he felt kind of bad when he mentioned that he didn’t have any girls over to his place yet and that he needs a little bit of help to get the place running.

That is when you told him to take a seat so you can show him the new VR Bangers App that you discovered recently. After you tell him a little bit about the app, he asks you how it works without even knowing that you started the application. “Check it out. Look behind you!” you tell him as your point on the girls behind him.

The VR Bangers app summoned two hot babes out of thin air, in the same room like you two. One of them was the stunning Dillion Harper while the other one was the incredible Pristine Edge. Both hotties had outstanding bodies, and you developed a raging boner in no time.

Since you are a good friend, you let him choose, and he chose Pristine who was wearing white lingerie and stockings while Dillion approached you in black lingerie and black stockings. She didn’t hesitate when it came to revealing her good bits as she immediately took off her bra and revealed her big natural tits.

As she jiggled them towards your face she tells you “I am a very naughty girl“. Once she takes off her panties, she will put them in your face before she gets down on her knees and unzips your pants.

Do you want my slutty mouth wrapped around that hard cock?” she asks you right before she deepthroats your whole package. Meanwhile, your friend is enjoying himself by kissing and groping pristine in the background.

Dillion will continue swallowing your whole dick for quite a while, but she will sometimes combine it by stroking your dick with her big tits too. Because your friend started plowing his girl in doggy style while you were receiving a blow-job, Dillion also got the urge to feel your pecker inside of her, and that is why she will start riding you in the reverse cowgirl position.

After a while, she will want to get into a more comfortable position so she will turn around and put her legs around you while impaling herself in the cowgirl. As she rides you in this position, she will also play with her delicious clit and during the penetration, Dillion will have an orgasm.

Since Dillion is one horny babe, she will get off of you and lick off her cum off of your dick before riding you in the reverse cowgirl one more time. This time, you will be the one who is about to cum so she will get down on her knees and jerk you off.

I want to jerk off all that cum out of you,” she says while rapidly stroking your pecker until a huge load starts coming out. When it does, this desirable babe will take all of it with her mouth.

Your friend will still plow Pristine in the background, but since he noticed that you came, he decided to finish as well. “Come here girls,” he says while stroking off his cock. As soon as the girls kneeled in front of him, he delivered a nice load into their cum hungry mouths.

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