Do VR Pornstars Have Kids?

if you like to watch some VR porn videos from time to time, you also must have some of your favorite VR porn stars. These beautiful ladies are professionally making males’ dreams come true, yet they, just like you and me, do have some private lives and, as it turns out, the families. Not too long ago we spoke about how it is like to be dating a VR pornstar, and today we will touch yet another part of the privacy of our girls, asking the question troubling some of you: do VR porn videos’ performers have kids?

You have to find a balance

Believe it or not, but they actually do. As stated above, they are just some regular people like pretty much everyone else and just the fact that their job requires them to suck dicks and fuck in front of a virtual reality porn camera, does not change the matter that they are running some regular, normal lives (in most cases). The trick is to find a balance between your professional and private life to become a parent at home, and the sluttiest of all whores when in the VR porn video’s set. On the other hand, is finding a balance not a part of everyone’s professional life? What you are doing at work doesn’t change much here, as we all need to learn how to separate these two worlds to remain having happy and successful family life.

The business is tricky…

On the other hand, though, the aforementioned rule might be the same for pretty much every job, yet the VR porn business is kinda… tricky – and just like every work connected with adult industry, could become problematic from time to time. When your family know what you do for living, some situations might get really… awkward, especially when your children grown and start asking questions. What’s more, if you won’t find an appropriate partner, his jealousy might negatively affect your everyday life – that is why most of the VR pornstars live with other VR porn performers of the opposite sex.

What about the “digital footprint”?

This could be, by far, the biggest problem of running a successful family life while being a VR pornstar. Even though you might hide from your kids what you are doing, to achieve a healthy atmosphere at home, one day they might find you on one of the VR porn websites and… can’t believe their very own eyes. Even if you quit VR porn industry years ago, your “digital footprint” is still out there, in the web, and your descendants might encounter it one day, you want it or not. That’s why, if you are a VR porn movies’ actress, you should probably tell your children what you are (were) doing at some point of your life to avoid this problem and keep the family strong and inseparable.

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