Early Moaning with Hot Suzumiya Kotone!

In general, there are two kinds of people: those who love morning sex, and guys who do not find it appealing. Well, naturally for some of you time of day makes no difference at all, and there are other much more important factors that matter – like positions, intensity, and naturally the girl you’re banging – but let’s get back to the topic as we didn’t call it out without a reason.

Being honest, we just love morning screwing at VRBangers.com. We adore it so much that we have decided to record a VR Porn movie dedicated solely to this fantasy, yet with some kind of a twist that you should all appreciate – introducing an “Early Moaning”, Asian VR Porn video with one of the hottest Japanese performers Suzumiya Kotone!

This little squirting slut is the queen of oriental moans, and if you are about to watch this VR Porn fantasy, you should definitely take care of your sound device, as it is gonna get loud and intense. All VR Bangers’ movies are NSFW, but even if you are usually watching them in the comfort of your home, this one is still somewhat dangerous to view, as you might get caught by your neighbors who will hear the Kotone’s wild groaning! The audio is (as always) available in the best possible quality – the immersive binaural 3D high definition sound – so pick up the best headset you have, as it is gonna be worth it.

Naturally, VR Porn scenes are not just for listening and there would not be some much fun included if not the 4K 360° video attached to them, so we should definitely pay some more attention to that aspect of this production. And what should your eyes expect to see in this VR Porn movie? Well, aforementioned Suzumiya Kotone will be the first thing that you will see after opening your eyes, and she was not waiting for you so patiently without a reason! She is super horny and wants to show you what is she hiding under those cute little panties, and letting her down is not an option here.

She is a professional and knows that she has to prepare you for some hard fucking first, so without further ado, she grabs your dick in her mouth and sucks on it like it was a lollipop. You shouldn’t feel wrong about it, as this young slut is getting more horny with every following thrust she makes with her lips, and the harder you get, the wetter she is too.

What could it all lead to? Well, there is only one answer and we are sure that you have already found out what is it. If you are not certain though, or just want to see it with your own eyes, wear your VR goggles now and enjoy this exclusive Japanese VR Porn movie in 4K UHD right away!

Do you like those slutty Japanese whores? We surely do – actually, we adore them so much that we have even created a very special category for them over here. Naturally, if you are in the mood, you can also look for them on the VR Bangers’ main page, here.

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