Elsa Jean Loves Dangerous Cowboys

Your girlfriend Elsa Jean is one naughty girl, and she will do anything to satisfy all of your kinky fantasies, and that is why she agreed to be your naughty girl while you are roleplaying the most wanted outlaw in the old wild west.

While you are laying on the bed with your pants down and a cowboy hat on your cock, your girlfriend will enter the room. “I heard that you are the most wanted cowboy. I really like dangerous men” she says while going towards you slowly.

She is going to wear a black corset that goes perfectly with her blonde hair and her black gloves. You will also notice her having some black colored jewelry, and of course, she is going to be wearing a pair of incredible black fishnet stockings.

Elsa will take off one of her gloves, however, she is going to keep the other one off. As she removes the hat from your crotch, she is going to find a semi-erect boner. You will feel her leather glove on your tool as she strokes you off while also sucking you off, and once you get hard enough, she is not only going to remove the glove, but also her corset.

Now she is going to be wearing nothing but the fishnet stockings and black lingerie. And if the view of that is not enough for you, just wait until this blonde cutie demonstrates her sensational cock sucking skills. You will be able to feel her tongue on all of the parts of your staff, and sometimes she will take all of it down her throat with ease.

When your cock gets completely erect while also covered with her spit, she is going to take off her lingerie because she wants to pleasure you even better. That is when Elsa will begin to grind you in the cowgirl position, and while she does, you will be able to see that she is wearing some leather high heeled boots.

After rubbing her pussy for a little while, she is going to insert your big boner inside her, and she will ride you very fast. You will be able to feel your cock go deep inside her tight pussy, stretching it with all of your might. As you look at her face, you will notice that she is enjoying it more than ever.

Moments later, she is going to catch her breath because riding you feels too good for her, and she does not feel like making both you and herself cum just yet. That’s why Elsa will lick off her pussy juices until she gets into the reverse cowgirl position.

Here she will penetrate herself while you can enjoy a nice view of her incredible ass, and as she moans louder and louder, you will feel liquids being released within her pussy as she is experiencing an orgasm.

After cumming, Elsa will get between your legs one more time so she can give you one final blowjob that will make you give her your hot load.

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