End of VR Era? Xbox One With No Virtual Reality Support!

Virtual reality is a branch of gaming (VR games) and adult movies (VR porn) industries, which is associated with enormous hopes of both the makers and hardware manufacturers, but even though it seems to be the future for many of us, some people say that its development is proceeding at a snail’s pace. New, improved VR headsets appear relatively often, but the biggest problem is their high price, which effectively discourages many people from buying them, and some say the convenience of using such devices is still far from expected – which is kinda true at least until the time of mass production of standalone VR goggles. It seems that Microsoft does not necessarily believe in the sense of VR existence, which has just been proven by their plans associated to the Xbox One console.

In an interview with Gamesindustry.biz website, Mike Nichols, head of marketing in the gaming segment, said that his company is not planning any support for virtual and mixed reality headsets for their Xbox One consoles. As he said, PCs are the best platform for handling these technologies, and the efforts related to the development of fixed-line consoles will be focused on ensuring the highest quality of gameplay on TV screens – which means that VR porn videos will never be available on Xbox One, even though they are so popular on PlayStation (with use of the PS VR visor).

According to Nichols this will never happen.

Of course, Microsoft does not completely let go of the VR segment – the company is constantly working with giants like Samsung or Acer on the development of goggles supporting this technology. The Redmond corporation is still developing headsets for augmented reality (the Hololens that we have told you about some time ago), yet this hardware will be dedicated mainly to business solutions and not AR or VR porn movies. Oh, and do not forget about the Windows Mixed Reality VR headset, which has recently gotten the support for our VR porn videos, is also the Microsoft’s doing.

But it does not change the fact that WMR is for mixed reality and Hololens is an augmented reality solution – so what about the virtual reality strictly, and hence the VR porn movies? Even if Microsoft would change their strategy in the future, the company will certainly be far behind Sony, which actively promotes PlayStation VR and will most likely not abandon this idea in the coming years.

And could it be that the company is right? We certainly doubt that when thinking about their biggest competitors like Sony (Sony sold 3 million copies of Playstation VR goggles!) or Nintendo (VR porn coming to Nintendo Switch soon?) mentioned above, who are seemingly interested in the virtual reality market. Those companies believe that VR games (and VR porn for some older audiences) are the future, so why is Microsoft so hesitating? That is the question that we probably won’t find the answer for any soon.

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