Epic Conclusion of the Halloween Event is Here!

date_range November 01, 2018
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Epic Conclusion of the Halloween Event is Here!

The two weeks had passed far too quickly and it is about time for the epic conclusion of our VR Halloween Event. Remember the four girls imprisoned in a deserted warehouse? Lauren Phillips, Chloe Cherry, Whitney Wright and Demi Sutra were fighting for their lives for entire 14 days, and now you, our loyal members, have finally decided which one of them will stay alive.

In view of the fact that Lauren Philipps won over your sympathy the most, you guaranteed her to survive this terrifying experience and avoid the final punishment from the psychotic murderer... but are you even sure who is behind all of this? The latest and final version of this VR porn film is its' grande finale and watching it will reveal all the truth to you, so even though most of our fans thought that the guy (and not the girls) was the psycho all this time, it may turn out that you have all been wrong and the conclusion is entirely different.

The newest part of this immersive VR porn experience is full of surprises, and now it may actually turn out that the girls will be the ones punishing, instead of being punished - we have never guaranteed any happy endings, though, so unless you are going to watch this entire VR porn film from the beginning to its' end, you will never know the entire truth and find out who is behind all of this, and how this scenario ends.

Wear your VR headset and click the button below to go straight to the Director's Cut of the Stolen VR porn fantasy - the one and only ending of this living nightmare shot entirely in 6K ultra high definition and full immersion of 3D experiences. There is a whole lot of plot twists and understatements waiting for you out there, so you should delay no more and finally learn the answers on your very own eyes - especially that you are that close from finding the truth behind this manic horror.

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