Eveline Dellai Sends You a Naughty Video

You went on a trip that is quite far from your hometown, and you didn’t see your girlfriend for a long time. While browsing through your e-mails, you noticed that your girlfriend, Eveline Dellai sent you a video message. It was quite a big file, but once you downloaded it, you definitely had something to enjoy yourself with.

Eveline’s video was something that definitely made up your day. In the beginning you will see her wearing a sexy pink lingerie combination that you bought her for Valenties day, but it gets a lot better than just her being sexy on camera.

Soon she will decide to take off her bra and her panties. You will be able to enjoy both her small tits and her nicely shaved pussy. Because she knows that you are missing her, and she is missing you just as much. This cute babe will give you something that you can use to relief yourself.

She is going to make herself horny by rubbing her pussy, starting with the clit, and slowly as she gets more and more wet, she will start putting fingers inside her precious love tunnel.

Once is is nice and wet, you will be able to hear her moan heavily as she is plunging her vagina while her legs are spread nice and wide, but that will soon change as she will go into the doggy position where you will be able to observe her big juicy ass.

While in this position, Eveline will penetrate herself by using both of her hands, and since this is the ideal position for her, she is going to moan while experiencing divine pleasure.

However, it is not that easy for her to stay in that position, despite the amazing sensation she is experiencing, so she will return to her starting position for a little while before she continues her solo session on the floor.

As she lays on the floor, you will be able to see that your gorgeous girlfriend is wearing some sexy black high heels that add quite a lot to her performance. She is going to finger herself a bit more as she displays her beautiful love tunnel, and she is not going to stop moaning while doing it.

Eventually, she will turn her ass directly to the camera one more time, and she is going to penetrate herself while resting her chest on a small chair. While masturbating in this position, you will be able to take a nice look at her juicy asshole, and you will also be able to see her face in the mirror in front of her.

For her grand finish, Eveline will lean on the chair as she spreads her legs while drilling herself with one hand as she rubs her clit with the other one.

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