Eveline Dellai Surprises You with Some Anal

Your wife, Eveline Dellai, often has a break where she meets you home for lunch. This time you decided to surprise her by getting completely naked before she arrives home.

After doing exactly like you planned, you decided to wait for her by laying down on the couch. Little did you know that once she arrived home, she also had a very nice surprise for you.

I have a little note for you, my love,” she says while browsing through her bag. Then you see Eveline passing you a note where it said “You want to fuck my ass? 🙂“.

You gave her a confused look, and as you looked into her eyes, she just said “Surprise!” while nodding her head. Then she started to strip off her top.

Once it got off, you could easily admire her small tits that perfectly matched her delicious figure as well as the piercing on her belly button. After that, Eveline also decided to get rid of her skirt, leaving herself only in her pink panties and black stilettos.

Since she didn’t really want to ruin the couch, she took the stilettos off, as well as the panties because they would only get in the way of what is about to happen.

Eveline will slide her hands over your stomach, slowly going towards your erect boner. Then she will grab it with one of her hands and start stroking slowly. As your cock reaches its maximum size, she will put her lips on the tip of your cock.

There is truly nothing better than feeling Eveline’s warm lips wrapped around your tip while she uses her tongue to do some amazing work. She will continue sucking you off for a while until your donger is nicely covered with her spit.

Later on, she will start riding you in the reverse cowgirl position, however, you will not fuck her in the ass just yet, because you need to make her horny enough.

That is why you will give her pussy a good pounding in this position for a while until she decides to take out your donger and stick it in her back door.

When she finally did that, you could feel your raging boner stretching her tight asshole as you went deep inside of it. Once you started fucking her ass at full speed, Eveline started to moan out loud due to the pleasure she was experiencing.

However, you will not fuck her in this position forever as she will soon turn around and impale her pink pussy in the cowgirl position for a while because after all, that is what satisfies her the most.

But do not worry as Eveline will fulfill the surprise she promised you in the beginning by letting you drill her asshole one more time. This time you will fuck her all the way until you are about to cum, and when you are ready to do so, she will start sucking you off until you cum into her mouth.

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